The Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS and Fitness Authority

The Total Gym XLS

In this first of six series, BestwaytoHelath.Com is introducing The Total Gym XLS to the world renowned Fitness Authority.  An elite private facility located in Newport Beach, California.  Fitness Authority is known for Elite fitness instruction to Celebrities, Pro Athletes and Executives who rely and thrive at living a lifestyle of fitness in their everyday lives.  Additionally they also offer physical therapists that assist clients in performing post-surgery rehabilitation treatments, as well as debilitating chronic conditions.

Fitness Frontage

The Total Gym XLS is a great addition to this facility.  Fitness Authority and its personal trainers can be reached at any time by emailing offering these and any other services at their location with a combined expertise of over twenty years.

Total Gym Premium Product

The major advantage that The Total Gym XLS has offered Fitness Authority over their exceptional commercial grade equipment is that with a simple 30 second set up, The Total Gym XLS is ready for their clients to use at any level of exercise regimens and help improve overall toning workout routines for women with multiple exercise positions.

Focused to relieve stress, where and when space is at a premium The Total Gym XLS is simply tucked away for future use using virtually no square footage for storage.

In less than 20 minutes Fitness Authority can assist their clients get stronger, leaner, and healthier. The Total Gym XLS implements the user’s own weight as resistance, and allows for over 80 different exercises on just one piece of fitness equipment by a simple alteration of the body’s position.

Allowing this change to focus on the entire anatomy such as arms, thighs, abs, or just get a great cardio conditioning workout. The Total Gym XLS allows the user to set the intensity level of the workouts simply by raising or lowering the incline. The higher incline will help to build muscle, while the lower incline will allow increased repetitions therefore help to tone, strengthen and slenderize. The Total Gym XLS is a great addition to your fitness circuit and bring with it and entire gym full of equipment within your reach.

The Total Gym XLS comes fully assembled, and in just minutes can help clients be on their way to a healthier, stronger, and slimmer way of life.  When the use is complete, Fitness Authority can attend their next appointment or simply store The Total Gym XLS anywhere.

Taking up virtually no floor space, Fitness Authority can also lay The Total Gym XLS flat and tuck it right under a massage table or in a closet.  Making fitness not only a daily habit but a career, Fitness Authority can easily train their clients to work effectively and smarter.

The Total Gym XLS 2

A great advantage to The Total Gym XLS versus other name brand equipment is that The Total Gym XLS comes with a complete training system with fantastic easy to use and understand visuals.

Included with this equipment is a small DVD library consisting of seven DVDs that take you thru the beginning startups and on your way to the most advanced workout.  These tools included with The Total Gym XLS provide you with a vast array of content and exercises specifically designed for every major muscle group.

There are ready made programs found to address your specific fitness goals.  Some of the exercises improve heart health for women, others are great exercises to relieve stress, and you can also easily perform grounding meditations, quiet mind yoga and simple to do toning workout routines for women and men.  Once the user is comfortable with The Total Gym XLS, you can easily explore all the additional workout routines and develop a circuit training that is right for you.

Simple and Easy 6 to 8 minute workouts for the beginner, intermediate and also a 5 day advanced program workouts featuring Todd Durkin. Gravity Infused Core Workouts are some of the multitude of variations all expertly detailed in the DVD Library that is included with The Total Gym XLS.

Let’s face it, making fitness a daily habit is difficult to many.

However with The Total Gym XLS you will feel and see results immediately!

Having the assurance that you have made the right choice, you will feel stronger, have more energy and feel better about yourself. Not to mention reaping the benefits of a better night’s sleep and waking with eagerness to start your day!

Along with these primary influences that will promote a better lifestyle you are also encouraged to use the included visuals from Dan Isaacson’s Nutritional program exclusively created for use with The Total Gym XLS. This visual will put you on the “Path to a Better You!” with easy to use guidelines for healthier eating and easy to follow meal plans. Bestway to Health is committed to helping everyone achieve their individual and unique path and be on their way to a happier life.

So what are you waiting for?

Order your Total Gym® As Seen on TV – Chuck Norris’ ONLY Home Gym. Lose weight or build muscle, guaranteed.

Total Gyms starting as low as $599! and get in the best shape of your life!

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