High versus Low Caffeine Workouts

1620655A fast paced action packed workout or a long and steady low intensity cruise. Even though both workouts are beneficial to health and wellbeing compared to eating fast food takeout and sitting on your laurels all day. It all comes down to energy spent versus consumed. Long periods of low intensity exercise may improve insulin, lipid levels a lot more then intense short workouts and bursts of extreme activity.

Effects of caffeine on the body

Simple exercises such as standing and walking for two hours or more spend equal amounts of energy than an intense one hour workout. These findings published in a journal called Plos One by Hans Savelbuerg along with colleagues from Maastricht University, Netherlands. The study finds were conducted on 18 participants of normal weight between the ages of 19 to 24, who were asked to follow three strict regimens.

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In the first, participants were instructed to sit for 14 hours each day and not indulge in any form of exercise, the second regimen required the participants to sit for 13 hours each day and exercise vigorously for one hour and the third participants substituted six hours of sitting with four hours of walking and two hours of standing. After each regimen, the researchers tracked each participant’s insulin sensitivity and blood lipid levels, both of which can help identify metabolic conditions like diabetes and obesity.

The authors found cholesterol and lipid levels improved slightly when participants exercised vigorously for one hour each day, but improved significantly when participants were active for longer periods at low intensity. Researchers also found that by being active simply by standing or walking for long periods of time significantly improved insulin levels compared to the strictly sedentary lifestyle, or the one hour of vigorous exercise a day.

In this study, longer durations of low intensity exercise may offer more benefits than shorter periods of intense activity. However, even an hour of exercise is better than no exercise at all. So for the ladies that like a vigorous man the chances are that a more vigorous quickie at him provides less satisfaction than a slower and lengthy rendezvous. Bottom line is that a variety of both situations can benefit you in the long run. Sure beats watching TV and falling asleep on the couch after a hearty meal.

Once we realize the best course of action to take, should we be enhanced by an energy drink or a sports drink and what’s the difference? Many people take energy drinks to give them that extra added edge however a safe level of energy drinks to be consumed has yet to be established. We know that sports drinks provide fluids along with substances called electrolytes usually derived from sodium, potassium and magnesium all which are lost with sweat. They also provide carbohydrates in an amount and form that can help our bodies have the stamina during short bursts of intense exercise. Sports drinks contain about two thirds of calories when compared to soft drinks.

Energy drinks on the other hand are completely different. Most are a source of caffeine combined with other stimulants and sugar. In my research of energy drinks I found most of them to contain anywhere from 100 to 200 milligrams of caffeine which is equal to 1 to 2 cups of regular coffee. These energy drinks do increase alertness and energy. Many 16 ounce cans of energy drinks provide caffeine in this range, however recently I’ve seen more of the large portion sizes with added stimulant ingredients and those can bring the caffeine levels as high as 500 milligrams per can, and as I was standing next to the cooler, many of these drink users consume more than just one can.

Relatively small amounts of caffeine taken shortly before any type of workout can enhance and prolong the ability to exercise, using caffeine however to raise energy can end up worsening energy problems in the long run. When people consume more than 250 milligrams of caffeine per day, may cause headaches, sleep difficulties and increased anxiety. Measures beyond 1000 milligrams can begin to cause heart palpitations and even death from seizures or cardiac arrest.

Caffeine stays around longer than people realize, impairing nighttime sleep that leads to daytime sleepiness and low energy levels and sub consciously triggering the need for more. In reality it takes three to ten hours to clear even a half of a caffeine load on a body, and 15 to 35 hours to eliminate virtually all of it. So when consuming caffeine for any reason, it would be wise to know exactly how much your consuming using another form of measure than how you feel. Long after the effects, you actually feel have been gone, caffeine still remains part of your system and these amounts should be taken into consideration before giving your body another dose.

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Have you been wondering “what’s all the fuss about green tea?” Now you can stop wondering and start drinking…green tea, that is. This flavorful beverage offers many health benefits to anyone who drinks it regularly. Green tea contains a potent plant nutrient known as epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, for short. But don’t fret, you don’t have to keep track of its chemical name to reap the health benefits. Here are 9 reasons to start drinking green tea or continue drinking it if you’re already hooked.

1. Green tea is a superb fat fighter. Its active ingredient, EGCG, increases the rate at which fat is burned in your body.

2. It targets belly fat. Research at Tufts University indicates that EGCG in green tea, like other catechins, activate fat-burning genes in the abdomen to speed weight loss by 77 percent.

3. It keeps energy stable by balancing blood sugar levels. EGCG improves insulin use in the body to prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes that can result in fatigue, irritability, and cravings for unhealthy foods.

4. Research shows it may be helpful against lung cancer. In an April 2010 study published in Cancer Prevention Research, EGCG was found to suppress lung cancer cell growth.

One of the most common questions I get is how to lose belly fat. Belly fat is actually the most dangerous type of fat – besides aesthetics, large waist lines are indicators of –disease-disease-disease.

It takes more than just crunches! We start to gain weight in our midsection when our cortisol levels spike. Stress is one of the primary culprits for high levels of cortisol secretion. When this happens cortisol breaks downs lean muscle (the type of tissue that burns calories most efficiently) and also holds on to fat storage in the abdominal region. That stress can even get WORSE with bad dieting; studies show that the stress caused by dieting can increase cortisol levels, making no change in belly fat even with calorie restriction. So how do you shape up? Incorporate these 6 things below and you will be on your way to a flatter belly in no time flat!

1. Sleep

If you want to work late at night, think again. When your biorhythms are off, you end up eating more. When you’re tired you produce more ghrelin, which triggers cravings for sugar and other fat-building foods. Losing sleep can also alter your hormone production, affecting your cortisol levels that cause insulin sensitivity, prime reasons for belly fat! Getting about 7 hours of sleep a night is one of the best things you can do for your body shaping goals.

2. Short bursts of exercises

1000 crunches a night may get you strong abdominal muscles, but with a full layer of fat on top, you will not get the results you really want. Instead of all those crunches, do exercises that engage multiple muscle groups and work your cardiovascular system. Try planking, where you hold yourself in a push-up position, resting your forearms on the ground. Try 3 or 4 sets of holding for 30 seconds each. Getting up and moving throughout the day by going for walks will also help.

3. Sugar is your Enemy

Fighting belly fat is 80% healthy diet. Reduce calories by filling yourself up with protein, vegetables, whole grains, and replacing bad habit snacks with good ones. For example, if you have a sugar craving, replace your calorie laden latte with a Muscle Milk lite, one of my favorites, because it has zero sugar and a ton of protein that will satiate while also torching my sugar craving! Another great trick is a sprinkle of cinnamon in your morning coffee or oatmeal- the spice has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar. It also slows the rate at which food exits the stomach, which helps you feel fuller longer.

4. Vitamin C

When you’re under extreme stress, you secret more cortisol hormone. Vitamin C helps balance the cortisol spikes that happen to you under this stress. Besides being a good way to counteract a cold, Vitamin C is also essential for making carnitine, a compound used by the body to turn fat into fuel, making this vitamin your fat burning friend.

If you’re going through an emotional crisis, stress from work, or a bad eating splurge, increase your vitamin C – it’ll help counteract the negative side effects. Try bell peppers, kale or kiwi fruits. These have even more Vitamin C than the famous Orange!

5. Eat Fat

Yup, you heard me! It takes fat to burn fat. Like I said above, it’s sugar that gets you fat, not fat. Good fats include foods rich in Omega 3′s, like salmon, avocados & walnuts. These foods are full of nutrients that help keep you satiated throughout the day.

6. Slowing down your breath

This is a very simple method that you can use even when you’re in the midst of doing something else. Whenever you notice you’re feeling tense and uptight check and see how you’re breathing. Most people under stress either alternate holding their breath with short breaths, or take rapid shallow breaths. After you become aware of your own breathing, consciously relax your belly and slow down the breathing. This works best if you focus on slowing down the exhalation rather than your inhalation. With each exhalation you can say to yourself “slow down”. That is all there is to it- Simple but surprisingly effective!!!

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Find your Center with YogaDownload

by: Andrea Kincaid


Today’s busy lifestyles leave little to no time at all for personal well-being and fitness. That’s very common. We work hard, run necessary errands, take care of our families, but what about us. What about the busy mom who has the desire to be fit yet can’t find classes to accommodate her busy schedule? What about the guy who’s so frustrated he just wants to find a suitable way to relax without grabbing the remote control?

The Answer is YogaDownload

Founded by yogis who enjoy life and love experiencing and making the best of it, YogaDownload.com is committed 100% to giving its subscribers convenience, variety, quality and affordability and a way to balance your busy life with quiet mind yoga.

With over 15 million Americans choosing to practice yoga, YogaDownload.com strives to give you the best experience when you choose to subscribe with them. With YogaDownload.com, not only do you get to practice in the comfort of your own home (or hotel room, if you travel often), but you are a given a variety of styles, levels and meditations such as bhakti yoga, fusion yoga, pilates, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, quiet mind yoga, grounding meditation and even kid’s and prenatal yoga

They provide you with instructors and printable guides so you’ll always have them on hand ready to go for whenever you get some free downtime. Each class is also accompanied by original, good quality music to help keep you going. The easy-to-follow pose guides also help to keep you safe throughout your yoga experience.

When you use YogaDownload.com, you’re getting quality with every instructor and class. The radio gets boring sometimes. Why not change it up? Another perk of YogaDownload.com is that they have over 6,000 new tracks to play whilst getting your classes in. Many people ask, “Why YogaDownload.com? What’s so special about it?”

We asked owner Jamie Kent when and why she started YogaDownload.com

“I first thought of the idea in 2006. I was visiting a girlfriend in San Diego and we decided to try and go do some yoga in a beachfront park near her house. We had both taken yoga before and thought it would be no problem to remember enough to get through our own made up class, but we soon realized that we didn’t remember nearly as much as we had hoped and could barely get through Sun Salutation A.

So we fumbled around and did our best, and all the while I was noticing people running by with their headphones on listening to music. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be so cool if we had a yoga class that we could listen to on our headphones so we could do a real class here in the park next to the ocean?

Then I thought, wait, I could totally make classes like that! I had previous experience in audio editing due to my days of being a club DJ, and so, the idea for Yoga Download was born. The first version of the site launched in 2007.”

YogaDownload.com empowers you to practice yoga your way,

on your time, wherever you see fit.

YogaDownload.com doesn’t sacrifice or cut corners. You will get superior quality with each course you decide to take. Most places offer a few different options for classes that you can choose from, but with YogaDownload.com, you can choose from hundreds of classes in multiple styles and challenge yourself each month.

Because YogaDownload.com is such an amazing website especially for the busy, on-the-go person, you have the option to pay monthly or choose from 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plans. Your subscription renews automatically, you have no minimum obligation and unlike some places, you can cancel anytime. The classes you choose from come with content specifically designed for that type of yoga.

The best part about YogaDownload.com is that you can keep your downloads forever. This is great if you want to revert back to anything throughout the course of your membership. You also have the option to purchase classes a la carte.

Yoga for Beginners – Preview

YogaDownload.com has two options for accessing your yoga classes and those are streaming (through the internet) or downloading content to take it anywhere with you like the bus, business trips, even in between your college courses if you’re a student. You’ll never again have to worry about missing classes or re-arranging your schedule to fit that of a class.

The convenience is right at the tip your fingers with your phone or tablet. No more wasting gas on driving around to your classes or worried about not having a good instructor.

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YogaDownload.com has a newsletter that keeps you up to date with new classes, instructors, and special offers from time to time. They vow to never sell or trade your information as they loathe any and all spam mail. So signing up is safe and effective. Some tips they offer on their website include;

*Stay focused in one general area by finding one object or area to gaze into.

*No screens or distractions.

*YogaDownload.com classes have clear asana instructions that are easy to follow.

*Print your portable pose guide as quick reference.

*Enjoy being your own instructor.

*Quiet Mind Yoga and Grounding Meditation

Yoga keeps your body in tune with your mind. It enhances life. It will give you lean muscle and increase your flexibility. You’ll even begin to see a change in your weight both physically and mentally as it clears your mind and opens you up to a world of positivity.

Some more delightful benefits of practicing yoga are that it lowers stress levels, reduces chronic pain, relief from back pain and it increases bone density. It can also help you to sleep better, improves your posture, boosts your immunity, and gives you a sense of positive personal views.

YogaDownload.com is yoga for the way you really live!

While not everyone has tried yoga, that’s no reason to turn away from it. You just need the right tools to start off with. “We have a Yoga for Beginners section with classes that are designed for those brand new to yoga, and we’re currently working to create packages of classes designed for newbies that will guide them from brand new to becoming an advanced beginner yogi.”  It never closes. It’s always there when you need it.

When I asked Jamie what her advice is for beginners trying yoga out, she says “Be kind to yourself and don’t judge if you fall out of a pose, or have a hard time even reaching down toward your toes. Yoga is a journey, and a process, and it is the journey that brings all of the rewards, not the destination of “perfecting” a pose. Try a variety of teachers and styles as there can be a huge difference from one to the next and you never know what teacher or style will strike a chord.”

There’s a section on the YogaDownload.com website that caught my eye called Giving Back. I asked Jamie what’s the scoop with it. “We LOVE giving back! We know yoga provides a myriad of benefits and we want to make sure those who need it most have access to quality yoga classes no matter where they live or what their budget is.

We offer free or heavily discounted memberships to active duty military and those in the peace corps, and grant permission to use our classes in group settings from prisons to orphanages across the globe. We also donate a portion of revenues each month to various charities we support.”

Every business and good company has a mission, and for YogaDownload.com, it’s to make yoga accessible and affordable to anyone and everyone.

Jamie Kent has set both long and short-term goals and ambitions for YogaDownload.com. “In the short term we are working to improve the customer experience on the site by streamlining the process of accessing videos and updating our user interface. In the long term we want to offer more customization opportunities as well as continue to increase our video library with talented teachers from across the country.”


Back Pain and What to Do

Lower Back ManWith all the wear and tear the spine endures, it’s not surprising most people live with back pain as a common friend. If you ever suffered the chronic and consistent pain of an achy back, you know it is no joke. Back pain goes far beyond the physical symptoms. Serious and persistent, it can interfere with every aspect of your life. The back and spine muscles have the huge job of stabilizing the body. Over time this can cause overuse of the muscles, joints, and ligaments. At times the relentless pressure on the spine can cause herniation and even a rupture of the spinal disk.
When a disk is damaged, it can place huge pressure on the nerve root in the back signaling an excruciating pain.

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When back pain is severe, you have to rely on others to help you meet your daily and basic needs. Simple tasks such as lacing your shoes, walking to the bathroom and even getting in and out of bed are almost impossible. If you can’t even bend down to lace your shoe, how would you be able to toss a ball to your children or even play a round of golf with your friends.

As much as someone can sympathize about your achy back, the bottom line is that your ability to perform is limited. A hurting back can mean a myriad of difficulties in any range of movement including having to sit for long periods in one position, or even having to move from one position to the other. Exercise is literally out of the question when physical damage has occurred and that’s when you need to seek out the expert advice of a professional.

Relax The Back

However since there are so many causes to the symptoms, a specialist say in neurology usually does not point out bone loss or even fractures. A specialist in osteoid podiatry will sometimes only go as far as correcting the way you walk. So it is important to pinpoint the exact cause so proper treatment can be performed.

Many back pain issues are dietary, and by simply changing your diet, getting lighter on your feet will ease enough to be able to add in physical therapy and chiropractic adjustment and correct the debilitating root of your pain. However the symptoms may go away, this does not mean you still do not have the physical damage that caused it all in the first place.

The limitations that back pain places on your life however can cause extreme anxiety and depression if left unattended, so it is important not to let the slow onset of the issues involved get worse over time. Treatment in early detection is key. After time in visiting professionals and getting tested and tested, sometimes may lead to inaccurate diagnosis. This can injure you mentally as well as make you aware of life threatening diseases you may or not have.

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Imagine walking into a doctor to discuss your test results and come to find he is telling you have Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that has no cure and will progress over time, or if your back compression is to the point you experience constant trebling of the hands and your told you have Parkinson’s.

These types of extreme diagnosis can cause severe depression and anxiety no doubt, however imagine if you trust the fact of what your doctor is telling you and you follow thru with the procedures to treat it using costly medications and surgery. Not to mention the long term damage the side effects of this treatment may have on an otherwise healthy body.

Whenever you start dealing with these issues, keep clearly in mind that what they tell you is specific to their expertise, and they may even have countless results and tests ascertaining their findings, this does not mean you are definitely suffering this outcome. Stay tuned to what your body tells you, no one on the outside can tell you what you are feeling and how to behave in the process.

Seek out several opinions before you face the fact you may be experiencing a life threatening disease and for all you know, a simple diet change can resolve your entire issue.

Using methods such as massage, gentle stretching exercises, alternating warm and cold compresses, and safe over the counter natural pain relievers and pain relief boosters will help you manage your back pain so you can live a life as you were intended, while seeking out alternatives to extreme medications and or surgery.

Relax The Back - Tempur Pedic Mattresses

Back pain in young adults is more common due to the fact they live out into more extreme sports, and movements. Their job may require them to lift heavier objects than most. In any case however it is important to become aware as to the course of action one needs to take to prevent this from occurring in the first place.

The Sciatica is another culprit of constant immobilizing pain. The sciatica describes symptoms cause when a nerve root in the lower spine is compressed, causing pain and or numbness to travel along the large sciatic nerve that serves the buttocks, legs and feet. In younger adults, sciatica can be caused by a wide range of conditions, most commonly a lumbar herniated disc or by a degenerative disc disease, isthmic spondylolisthesis and other conditions.

Lumbar degenerative disc disease can affect patients as young as twenty years old. When the lumbar discs between the vertebrae begin to break down, the damaged disc can cause both inflammation and slight instability in the lower back, bringing with it pain, muscle spasms, and sometimes sciatica. Degenerative disc disease is common and is often successfully treated.

Isthmic spondylolisthesis occurs when a vertebrae in the low back slips forward on the disc space below it. It is most common at the L5-S1 level and can cause low back pain from instability and nerve root pain due to compression of the nerve root. The fracture occurs in childhood, but normally does not create a lot of pain until the patient is in young adulthood.

Forever Back FDA-Cleared Instant Back Pain Relief Massager Belt

Forever Back FDA-Cleared Instant Back Pain Relief Massager Belt

When older adults can experience pain related to any of the conditions that also affects younger adults, individuals over the age of sixty are more likely to suffer from pain related to degeneration of the joints in the spine. Two of the most common causes of lower back pain in older adults include osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis.

Both spinal stenosis and degenerative spondylolisthesis can place pressure on the nerves at the point where they exit the spine. Standing upright, such as in normal walking, increases pressure on the nerve and results in leg pain.

Finally it is important to note that one’s attitude and situation also have an effect on pain levels and duration. For example, people who are depressed, under stress, or have a compensable back injury are more likely to have their pain become chronic. Patients who are stress free and have little complicating psychological factors are more likely to improve with appropriate treatment for their conditions.

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Welcome bebe Stores, Inc.

bebe sportbebe Stores, Inc. Stylized bebe stores and pronounced as “Bee-Bee”

A women’s retail clothier established in 1976. Founded by Manny Mashouf, who emigrated from Iran to the United States in the early 1970s.

He opened the first bebe store in San Francisco during a time when three categories dominated the women’s wear market: junior, bridge and misses. The brand develops and produces a line of women’s apparel and accessories, which it markets under the bebe, bebe Sport, and 2b bebe names.


bebe, be unique, be YOU!

The company operates 312 stores, of which 215 are bebe stores, 32 are 2b bebe stores, 64 are bebe Sport stores (this includes bebe/bebeSport 2-in-1 stores) and one is a bebe accessories store.

These stores are located in the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. bebe also has an international division in Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Israel, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, and UAE.

The name ‘bebe’ (pronounced as Bee-Bee) is a portmanteau derived from the soliloquy from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet in which the eponymous Prince ponders “To be or not to be”. The name is never capitalized as it is a combination of two verbs forming a metaphorical verb as whole.

Founder Manny Mashouf came up with the name after a conversation that was had at a party he attended in San Francisco during the 1970s shortly before he established the brand.

The first store was opened in San Francisco in 1976. The company launched bebe Sport in year 2003 to focus on active lifestyle via sportswear, tops, sweaters, outerwear, and accessories. In 2009, bebe Sport stores were converted to PH8 with bebe Sport product now sold in bebe and 2b bebe stores.


The company then converted bebe Sport stores to PH8 stores stores in November 2009. PH8 offers casual weekend apparel, work-out attire and accessories such as bags, shoes and seasonal items. 2b bebe’s outlet division provide clearance merchandise, Bebe logo merchandise and special cuts produced under the 2b Bebe label exclusively for the outlet stores.

As of 2012, bebe has launched a bridal wear line available in stores throughout United States. Additional bridal salons are under consideration. The bridal wear line debuted with a collection designed by Project Runway runner up Rami Kashou.

bebe has semi-annual collection preview events where clients are invited to preview the latest collections at bebe stores. Additionally, the company partners with national and regional magazines to host events benefiting non-profit organizations.

As an avid community involved organization, bestwaytoHealth.com proudly welcomes bebe to our ever growing family of featured manufacturers and supporters. Please support their efforts and find their amazing designs and features catered and designed specifically for

“Your Path to a Better You!” 

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