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by: Andrea Kincaid

Music can sound good to the ear. Casaroots Music Ital’y is full of beautiful, well-written lyrics and head-nodding addictive beats. But, we forget one major aspect of music; how it sounds and feels when it hits our soul and begins to heal. Not many artists these days write music for the pure, simple thought of how to write from the soul. The sweet sound of soulful music touches deeper than any feeling possible.

Ali Roots is an artist who can write from deep down within her soul.

Ali Roots Soul

Ali Roots ~ Singing from the Soul

Enabling the listener to quiet the mind, heal their physical and mental bodies the healing process begins to quiet the mind and encourages healing. One such artist that accomplishes this and more is Ali Roots. On January 31, 1977, Ali Roots was born in Livorno, Tuscany, on the west coast near the sea. Raised by vegetarian parents and throughout her life as an adult continues to encourage and represent a healthy lifestyle, Ali’s musical inspirations were none other than the infamous Bob Marley. “I really went deep in his life, lifestyle and mindset. He was a spiritual, musical mission born to spread love through the lyrics.” explains Ali Roots. Many artists have ambitions to become wealthy and famous and appear on every cover of a magazine. Some make it while others fail. However for Ali Roots, her musical goals run deeper than that of the eye. She goes on to explain, “Music is my life and my first goal is to sing until the last breath of my wonderfully blessed and rich life ends. I’ve always had huge dreams since I was really young and I’ve always talked about them without fearing any judgments. “

From a young age, Ali Roots, a recent powerhouse vocalist coming out of Italy, was exposed to the rich sounds of the Reggae world. Having been raised with the tunes coming from her family home, Ali Roots began to find a love for the genre when a pen and paper flowed effortless for her, and in 2003 joined her very first Reggae band, Gang of Jah.

Ali Roots ~ Improv’ Ya


Always looking for ways to improve herself.

Ali Roots and Beenie Mau

Beenie Mau w/ Ali Roots

As well as some theater experiences and musical cooperation.  Ali Roots joined a Bob Marley cover band called the Trench Town Trio where she was a backup singer. Ali Roots also became musically involved with another soulful artist, Beenie Mau where together they DJ’d the first Reggae broadcasted show from Livorno, Tuscany. With her addictive energy and sweet vocals, Ali Roots has been adored by all who listen to her powerful music. She’s never once a day in her life taken her instrument of music for granted. And, while she wants you to feel that bump and beat in her music, she always wants you to gravitate towards the feeling of loving yourself and concentrate on living stronger, healthier and happier. After all, Casaroots Music Ital’y is how we were made to live.

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Ali Roots loves how her music heals the soul.

She loves writing it. She loves singing it. She loves listening to it. And, she loves sharing it. But, Ali Roots also loves the stage on which she gets to share her love for all those things. The stage provides a home away from home for a musician, next to the recording studio, any other place can’t provide that warmth and inspiration. Ali’s love for music and the stage collided together when she nabbed the main stage for a performance at the prestigious Metarock Festival in 2011.

Click the image and find Ali Roots on CDBABY

Click the image and find Ali Roots on CDBABY

She was also given the honors of opening this Italian show in 2012 for Rita Marley, World Reggae Queen, and in 2012 Ali Roots worked alongside 9 Lives Records owner and DJ extraordinaire Anthony “Top Cat” Codrington, to produce her very first EP Album, her debut entitled “Starting At The Roots” which was released summer of 2013. That sweet, slow-like-honey, and warm vocals that Ali Roots possesses is quite addicting and are unmistakable. Not many artists of our time sing and write with such passion and desire to help and motivate the masses quite like Ali Roots. Every so often, our generation gets a fresh new face in music who isn’t a wild child doing things to attract the likes of every tabloid magazine and gossip TV show.

Pulling away from the usual sweet pop lyrics most sing about these days, Casaroots Music Ital’y commands a deeper, more adult-like base. And, while she doesn’t want to be the girl who preaches to you how to live your life or what music you need to be listening too, it’s her down-to-earth honesty and level headedness that makes you want to blast her music repeatedly out of your speakers.

Ali Roots is not a breeze on a spring day.

She’s a gust on a warm summer’s night.

She’s a lover of soul, and her love reaches as far as the sun rises and sets each day.It’s only a matter of time before she explodes even bigger onto the music scene of every major platform in the world. Her heart and soul and love for music and its purpose for the world pours from every fiber of her being. There are no limits for Ali Roots. There is no roof of which to keep her down, because for Ali Roots, the sky isn’t the limit, infinity is.

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