Addiction Resolution Exercise and Nutrition

Addiction and FreedomPeople who suffer from addiction, depression, grief and lack of energy can all benefit from exercise and a nutrition program.  The Total Gym XLS is a true “Path to a Better YOU!”

Those dealing from abuse of any substance are dealing with some form of depression. Subduing the pain of a bad memory or situation that is either still occurring or has occurred in life. The levels of these somewhat emotional diseases can attack people of all walks of life. In reality they are all in it together.


A study conducted by The Institute of Behavioral Sciences began by dividing students of addiction into two classifications. One group was asked not to conduct any form of physical activity. The other class was given exercise routines and a nutritional diet plan.

Addicton and Exercise

This study ran for a period of 30 days. Researchers frequently use what is known as “Conditioned place preference” to study any form of addiction. If a person were to be placed in an environment that promotes the addiction, this particular situation can demonstrate a continual behavior pattern and thus researchers conclude that the person has become habituated.

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After the 30days those who regularly followed the exercise routines along with the nutritional plan were far ahead of resolving their addictive behaviors and even demonstrated their interest in obtaining sobriety versus the other group who has not evolved into any desire to stop their addictive behaviors and were waiting eagerly for the conclusion of the research in order to return to their habitual patterns.

The Total Gym XLS is an amazing piece of equipment. It takes very little space to set up, use and operate. It comes complete with detailed exercise routines, a five-disc exercise library showing you all the proper forms and techniques for over 80 different exercises targeting your entire body. Also just as important Dr. Isaacson’s Nutritional program.

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That is why when you choose The Total Gym XLS you get results fast! Once you receive The The Total Gym XLS at your home you will not just get this amazing piece of equipment, you will also get an incredible education on how to achieve that healthy lifestyle you crave.



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“It all takes dedication, mind set and the desire.”

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