Candace Harmon WBFF Pro

by: Andrea Kincaid

Candace Harmon WBFF Pro

Candace Harmon WBFF Pro always has and always will go her own way. Five years after gracing the bodybuilding stage and competing in the figure category, Candace has not slowed down by any means. With her WBFF Pro status now earned, two E-books in the works, and a Power-lifting competition coming up early next year, Candace Harmon WBFF Pro is hardly a woman who will go unnoticed.

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Originally from Brownsboro, a small rural town in East Texas, this mom of 2 boys and wife of 11 years to husband Jeffrey, has always been an athlete. She was a recognized basketball player in high school and ran track. And, while she was weightlifting in college, it wasn’t until after her second child, Blake, was born in 2006 that she really took training seriously.

When I asked Candace Harmon WBFF Pro what made her get into the competing side of fitness, she told me, “I recall looking in the mirror one day and didn’t recognize that person. It looked like me but I didn’t know whose body that was. It was at that moment I decided to do something about it. I was curious whether or not I could get back in shape after having two kids, but I took it as a challenge.”

“For most women, the thought of working out is enough to exhaust them.” 

Candace Harmon WBFF ProNot only do you have to carve out the proper time to make it to the gym, but you have to be patient long enough to start to see real results. Then, take in consideration the diet and dedication that plays a big important role in achieving that dream body.

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a personal trainer come drag you out of that warm bed in the morning, achieving that fit appearance requires more than just a gym membership and a new pair of tennis shoes. However, Candace Harmon WBFF Pro isn’t like most women or mothers for that matter.

Candace Harmon WBFF Pro used that “other” person staring back in the mirror to fuel her desire to kick it into high gear and show other mothers out there that children shouldn’t be used as an excuse to not stay in shape, but as a catalyst to push yourself a little more each day to that get that physical appearance you have been dreaming of for so long. For those who are curious.  Candace Harmon WBFF Pro maintains an Off-Season body fat of 12% to 13%.

 “Everyone always remembers the moment they take first place in a competition.”

Whether it be for a promotion at their job, the first in line at some big sale or the first to win a big project, for Candace Harmon WBFF Pro, she remembers placing 7th out of 13 at her first bodybuilding competition and next to last at her second one. “The challenge now had been set. I could choose to walk away and think I wasn’t good enough or I could use that moment to push myself harder. I chose the latter.” That hard work, persistence and positivity paid off in May 2013 when she achieved the coveted Pro Status from the WBFF at the Kansas City show.

Candace Harmon WBFF Pro 4When I asked her how it felt to receive that honor after all that she had endured along the journey to that stage, Candace Harmon WBFF Pro shared, “I was in shock, they awarded me my first place trophy, but said nothing about offering me a Pro card. I thought to myself, well, I’ll get it next time and about that time, I was welcomed into the WBFF Pro family! I was overcome with emotion but held it together until I got backstage. That’s when I started to cry. I still get emotional thinking about that moment. I now understand what it means when people say it feels so surreal, it really does!”

After the lights go down and the stage is swept clean of the feathers and rhinestones from the theme wear, the reflection of the journey to stage begins. For Candace Harmon WBFF Pro, her favorite part about being up there, showing off all her hard work and dedication is the pose everyone is asked to do. She enjoys each moment and every second up there because it does go by rather quickly.

For most people, role models can be considered anyone from parents, to teachers and even best friends. Role models are those who aren’t necessarily of fame or fortune, glitz and glam, or even, rags to riches. They are who inspire us in multiple ways in all aspects of life. They are who we think of when we want to quit before our goal is achieved. For Candace Harmon WBFF Pro, her role model is one of both physical and inner beauty, IFBB professional figure and fitness competitor Nicole Wilkins. “Her photos are always classy and having met her in person, I can say she is really down to earth.”

After the long and grueling yet rewarding adventure to the WBFF Pro stage, most competitors take some well-deserved time off. Some even hang up their titles as competitors and go on to pursue other dreams. When I asked Candace what her plans are for the 2014 year, she assures me she is not hanging up anything just yet. “I plan to compete in at least one more WBFF Pro show and in my first Power-lifting event on January 18th in Longview, Texas at the Purefit Performance Fitness Expo.” She’ll also be hosting a clinic for those who are interested in competing.

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Forward progress Fitness by Candace Harmon

< Click here to register for the Posing Clinic and Seminar >

Often times, many people, women in general, get the wrong idea about what it takes to lean down and still manage to lose body fat while obtaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. There’s a saying, “Don’t expect to look like a million bucks when you eat off the dollar menu.” This couldn’t be anymore correct. For competitors such as Candace, off-season can be a time to unwind, loosen up the strings of a fierce diet, and introduce foods (that are still healthy) back into your daily eating routine. “If I want a little cheat, I take it. I still eat my grits with protein powder for breakfast and I will still eat a lot of fish and chicken for my main meals.” The same goes for the gym.

Once your season has come to an end, some competitors take a week off then jump back in the gym. “I work out an hour and fifteen minutes. I believe you can get an adequate workout in that time. But, you’ll still find me in the gym five days a week. It’s a way for me to relieve stress so I rarely take more than a couple of days off in a row.” And, like every competitor or athlete, we all lose a little fire somewhere along the process. That’s when drive, determination and motivation kicks into gear. You have to dig real deep inside to relight that flame that had you so sparked to want this goal.

Candace Harmon WBFF Pro

Candace Harmon WBFF Pro

“Her poise, gratitude, effervescent personality and contagious smile”

I asked Candace what pushes her on a daily basis. “I am by nature a very driven person. However, being a role model for my children motivates me to be my best. I think it’s important my kids see mommy living her life and doing things for herself. I also think it’s important to see mommy fail from time to time. The way I choose to handle these moments are probably influencing them more than when mommy brings home a trophy.“

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