Choices thru Consequence


Choices thru Consequence

Good health is foundational for the sense of personal, societal, physical and mental well being. The ability to enjoy life means the necessity to evaluate every choice that is presented from the results of previous choices individuals have been taught or made for themselves thus learning. During the span of life, since birth society is conditioned to making choices. The consequences of the choices determine how to live life.


Seeing fire for the first time, the desired choices are to touch it, the consequence is getting burned, and from there on out we know that the next time fire is seen, the choice will not be to touch it and simply get burned.

Yet in certain aspects in life as transitioning to the various stages, from birth to death, learning to live life not based on the choice but rather determined by the consequence faced, therefore subjecting into a conditioning of living in fear of consequence. A perfect example of this is thru decisions made towards health and well being.

Over a lifetime, realizing that the consequence of not taking care of our health by subjecting our bodies to constant consumption of unhealthy food choices and deter from daily exercise has a detrimental consequence. Sickness, disease, obesity and the labels go on and on. Yet continuing to make poor choices based on a desire or given need and not the consequence.

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A family will tend to raise their children with the choices of the lack of fulfilled desires that as children themselves were not privileged too, by either a poor economic state of the parents or by the discipline of not getting everything they as children desired. In today’s technological world, children are subjected to a huge amount of information, so vast that the need for parental education has simply almost become obsolete.

A simple one word question a child would be to ask, is “why?” In today’s environment the answer to that very infamous word is simply typed into a search bar and alas, the consequence is that everything on that word pops up. We can find pages and pages of results linking more and more pages to more results and so on until eternity. So vast that it would boggle any educated mind.

So my question is, as an adult, educated and ever knowing as we consider ourselves to be. “Why?” do we continue to make poor choices in our diets knowing that the consequences are all the labels I mentioned prior?

If we are amazed after a doctor’s visit when we are told we are diabetic, yet not realize that the daily overdose of sugar and other various toxins induced into our pancreas causing it to shut down completely or excite it to the point of overproducing insulin, could have been caused by the everyday abuse we have become so accustomed too. Like eating processed products with high contents of corn syrups, caffeine and sugars, drinking a two liter of soda every day, or simply looking forward to consuming that caramel macchiato every morning at the local coffee house.

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You see, the consequence as a sick society, is the choices of learning that speeding would eventually lead to a costly ticket, how many of us still speed regardless? Yet we abuse our bodies daily while knowing the ramifications of disease. It astoundingly amazes me that as I sit and read a menu at a local restaurant, the choices that most people would order would be a two to three course meal or simply eat their favorite craving they have at the time that got them in there in the first place. While I on the other hand look at the same menu I have seen many times before with better choices and end up loosing my appetite just by imagining what is entering my body and the ramifications it may have as I age.

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Our thinking habits;

Why do we deter from physical exercise or make the choices to stop the dieting, or simply give in to our cravings with consequence? To me the answer is simple. Because the consequence is how we make our choices. If we are ok with the inevitable consequence of poor health choices, the saying goes to justify “We only live once”, instead choosing to realize “We live every day, we only die once”. Thus changing the way we see things.

So here we are, we awake as the alarm clock sounds and get ready for our day to day knowing we have a set time to accomplish all we have to face. The mere idea of the choice of having to set the alarm clock one hour earlier to start our day with exercise makes the average Joe cringe. We know that if we do not exercise regularly the onset consequences of numerous health issues will eventually catch up with us in due time. So we tend to procrastinate regardless and make excuses why we can’t.

Eat Healthy

This thinking can easily be changed by considering that after exercise we will be more energetic, and more awake as our bodies received a greater amount of oxygen. We can exchange the sugary morning cereal with Ugh! Dairy milk that we followed by a cup of coffee with pancakes and syrup along with a side of sausage and or bacon. Instead choose to drink a glass of fresh juiced beets, leaves and all, mixed with orange juice. Pour a nice glass of Almond milk and eat instead a boiled or poached egg with sprouted grain toast, and realize the fact that this has the same sugary satisfaction and natural energy while also being just as fulfilling.

Changing the way we think can and is obviously a healthier alternative to help keep us stay alive much longer and in a better state of mind to handle the day. If we look at this in such a way that if we don’t do it this way we will get a disease we subject to the fear and we can then easily procrastinate and say “odds are it won’t happen”.

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