Cutting out the Sugar

The average american consumes up to an estimated half pound of sugar each day! Cutting out the Sugar should be of added importance especially when the diabetic epidemic has gotten out of control. Consuming the equivalent of 60 teaspoons of sugar per day is outrageously impacting our health.

The food guide pyramid and the World Health Organization recommends that people should limit added sugars to no less than 10% of the total consumed calories. That would be six teaspoons of sugar for a 1600 calorie diet. and a maximum of Ten teaspoons for a 2000 calorie diet.



The U.S. Dietary guidline for Americans recommends limiting added sugars and instead focus on consuming a variety of nutrient dense foods and beverages from the basic food groups. Consuming sugars from Organic fruites and vegetables for example can be intaked from eating the following top five fruits and vegetables:

#1 – Apple

At the top of the list are nature’s toothbrush – the apple. A whopping 35 grams of carbs for one large apple – or 25g for a medium apple. Thanks to fiber you can shave 3g’s off those numbers, but they are still quite high. To compare, when your child eats a large apple, the sugar load is the same as if they were eating 8.75 teaspoons of sugar.

#2 – Pomegranate

One medium pomegranate has a load of 26 grams.The surprising part is there’s only 1g of fiber for all those seeds. I find that hard to believe! That’s 6.5 teaspoons of sugar.

#3 – Banana

I guess it’s no surprise bananas are in the top five. Sumo wrestlers don’t bulk up with bananas for nothing, right? One large banana has 25 grams of carbs and 3g’s fiber. That’s 6.25 teaspoons of sugar.

#4 – Pear

Now they are four popular varieties in pears in the US, but they are all high in carbs. Although high in potassium, each pear has a load of 22 grams of carbs. The good news is it has 4 grams of fiber which is not bad. That’s 5.5 teaspoons sugar.

#5 – Blueberries

One cup of blueberries has 20 grams of carbs. I always thought blueberries contained more fiber than they do 3 grams. Learn something new every day. Oh, and that’s 5 teaspoons sugar. So now that you know which fruit has the most sugar per serving, I bet you’d like to know which are the better choices. Choose the one you feel is to your taste.

 Life Extension - Health And Medical Findings


#1 Carrots

Most vegetables have a low-sugar content. However, there are a few varieties that are at the higher end of the GI. Carrots have a score of 70, considered high. If you consider that there is only 1 g carbohydrate in a large carrot and 1 g of sugar, the percentage is high. Yet, it is a good source of fiber and other nutrients. In consideration, if you ate five large carrots, you would still only be ingesting 5 g of sugar.

#2 Beets

A vegetable also high on the GI scale is beets. They score in at 63. For each cup of canned beets, you will ingest 19 g carbohydrates, of which, 16 g are sugar.

#3 Potatoes

Potatoes are not only high in sugar, but they also have a high glycemic index and can make blood sugars harder to control for diabetics. In non-diabetics, eating too many white potatoes increases the risk of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome – a forerunner to heart disease and diabetes. A better alternative is the sweet potato which is more nutritious because of its higher carotenoid content. It also has a much lower glycemic index than the white potato. Make the switch and choose sweet potatoes instead.

#4 Corn

Corn is another vegetable with a high sugar content; but don’t pass on this sweet, crunchy vegetable entirely. It’s a good source of antioxidants and a source of a chemical called ferulic acid that may help to fight cancer. It’s also a good source of vitamin B1, folate, and vitamin C. Eat it in moderation and enjoy its many health benefits.

#5 Peas

They may be high in sugar, but they’re also an excellent source of vitamin K – a vitamin important for healthy bones. Plus, they’re a good source of vitamins C, B1, and folate. Peas have a higher protein content than most vegetables and are abundant in heart-healthy fiber. Despite their sugar content, what’s not to love about them?


According to a study by the USDA, people who eat a lot of sugar do not get as many nutrients as people who eat low sugar diets. This is because high sugar foods often replace nutrient rich foods. Below are 10 ways to help you cut down on your sugar intake.

1. Think before you drink:

Liquid calories add up fast. One 12 ounce can of soda contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar and one 20 ounce bottle contains about 16 teaspoons. Bottled ice teas and energy drinks often contain as much sugar as sodas.

2. Read Food Lables:

Reading food lables can help to identify added sugars. Some names for added sugars include sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, corn sweetner, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, sucrose, glucose and dextrose. Reading the lables is a good step towards cutting out the sugar.

3. Choose nutrient rich foods first:

Nutrient rich foods provide a high amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for the calories they contain. These include brightly colored fresh fruits and vegetables. Lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans and nuts. Whole fiber-rich grain foods and fat free and low fat milk, cheese and yogurts.

4. Shop the perimiter of the store:

You will most always find nutrient rich foods around the perimiter of a store. Believe it or not, marketing stradegies for profit bares all when it comes down to cutting out the sugar and to the bottom line and marketers will always think of profits before anyones health. So be wise and if it is in front of you labled buy me now, chances are it’s not good for you.

5. Make snacks count:

Nutricious snacks can help you manage your weight, hunger and energy. Choose foods from the food groups such as fruits, vegetables, low fat yougurt, and cheese, whole grain crackers, cereaals and nuts. But like with everything, eat moderately.

6. Pay attention to portions:

Choose small servings or share high calorie, high sugar deserts when you splurge. Try a child’s serving of ice cream, a miniature chocolate or a small mocha.

7. Eat mindfully:

When you indulge in a sweet treat, pay attention and savor the flavor of each and every bite. The first few bites are the most satisfying and when you are satisfied, put it away and not just into your body, put it away and save it for later urges. Cutting out the Sugar is of importance.

8. Drink water:

Water is naturally calorie free and sugar free. Sparkling water or seltzer water is a refreshing option. These can be flavored with lemon or lime or even orange wedges and fruit juice.

9. Eat fruits:

Naturally sweet, fruit is a satisfyingand nutricios alternative. Fresh fruit is high in water and fiber, boith of which help increase fullness, helping you eat less.

10. Eat less candy, cookies, cakes, and pies:

High in sugar and fat, these foods contain lots of calories with very little nutrition. Cahnces are that after you eat these things, your cravings will be back before you know it for more of it. Once again marketing is in control when it comes to poor nutrition so don’t spend your hard earned dollars to simply eat it away and gain no nutritional values.

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