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Good health is critical for our sense of well-being and our ability to enjoy life. As adults we easily understand this. Yet many adults in our society still lean towards convenience rather than health. Even for their children, I see too many well to do parents in their fifty thousand dollar cars waiting in line at some fast food drive thru as their kids rustle impatiently in the back seat. They can’t seem to wait to get their mouths filled with processed by-products and saturated fats.

Sad to see that today’s parents as a personal choice would rather work long hours to earn enough to drive a nice car than to invest that time to feed their children what they need in order to thrive and nourish their mind and bodies.

As time passes they scratch their heads wondering why their children get older quicker with deteriorating health, and in fact many adults cannot believe it when they see what appears to be a grown man in his 30’s be astounded at the fact this man is only 16 years old and suffering the consequences to such convenience.

In reading the outstanding reporting on health and multitudes of sites on this internet talking about how our youth is suffering major complications, ranging from diabetes to cancer to even experiencing odd growth defects such as hair loss at age eighteen or having urinary dysfunctions in their 20’s really does not surprise me.

I am no doctor by any means, however it is not brain surgery or an eight year degree that it takes to figure out what is disabling the health of our future society, it all boils down to the simplistic nature that if we take life as a convenience and not slowing down in order to keep up with lifestyles and technology, our future generations will end up with a lifespan of 40yrs and not 80yrs as we have in our current generation.

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Today we get amazed at the oldest living person reaching only 100yrs, but if we look back at when our life was “Natural” our race lived to be over 200yrs old.

Day to day and hour to hour our human health is becoming less and less immune to viruses and infections, and for some reason we are believing that the viruses are the ones getting stronger. In reality it’s both, we as a society health is getting weaker and thus the viruses are in fact getting stronger.

As we continue to produce more and more with less and less, there is a dynamic in health we are overlooking or simply choosing to ignore. That dynamic is that we are not taking the time to educate ourselves or even our children about health, or even bother with learning what it takes to grow and thrive in an ever deteriorating world.

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We all stand in awe and ask, what is happening? And why is it happening? And yet ignore the real question, Why is it important?

We get hypnotized and desensitized all at the same time. We sympathize with the parent that is having trouble with a sick child and yet the next thing we do is take our children out for a processed pizza pie and wash it all down with corn syrup and phosphoric acid (soda).

Sometimes I just want to walk over to them and ask what they feel when they hear about someone suffering from diabetes or cancer, and just watch them as they answer while continuing to feed their kids this garbage. My next question I’d ask is how you would react if you had to deal with the same health issue only with your children being the ones affected?

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Would I be surprised at the answer to that question? Probably not, because it would most likely be one leaning towards the fact they believe it won’t happen to them. Sad but true, and in all honesty my goal is to routinely educate and promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

Of course I am one to be the first to admit that I was once in their shoes. I remember there were many times I couldn’t wait to get out of school and rush over to our afterschool hangout and get me a four pattied burger, fries and a chocolate dairy shake to wash it all down with, an American tradition right?

All I can say now is I am glad I wised up. And to think I’d ever want to drink down a large cup of carbonated phosphoric acid sweetened with corn syrup and caramel coloring added for appearance just twists my stomach to the point I lose my appetite anyways.

Why is it Important?

Good health is everything as the saying goes, we are given one home to live in for the rest of our lives, one place to dwell in spiritually and emotionally, and if someone were to compliment me that I look good, I always know that it’s not the clothes I’m wearing but the hanger I hang them on.

So many ways to gauge the importance of healthy living, another important misconception that I would like to mention is that when I am told the old adage “You only live once so enjoy!” I am now able to respond, “I’m sorry but I live every day and enjoy every minute, and I will only die once.”

When I get overwhelmed and busy, the first thing to go is my attention to my physical well-being and in turn start a downward spiral, with less energy to take care of myself, leading to less care, and again to less energy. What I have seen to be the most beautiful thing in my life is finding ways to integrate taking care of my physical, mental, spiritual, and financial self all together.

Living in a place that I am able to walk to work, and stay connected to my family and organizations where I can volunteer that also serve my community and meet my need to contribute, while still nurturing friendships that feed my spiritual hunger is when all these things are connected. I find it easier to flow in life, and not only stop the downward spiral, but make it spiral up!

“True sense of health is being able to contribute to my longevity and healing while at the same time rejuvenate what I thought I’d lost.”

In short I can say that compared to most, in general I am living a healthier lifestyle with less and expect a longer life expectancy with a better self-reported health status. But not everyone can expect the same health advantages. Even knowing that all can slip out of control in an instant, I am continually grateful at the knowledge I have learned and give much pride to pass that knowledge onto others as a form of contribution to hopefully change a life for the better.

Not only is good health an immense value to me, I also help my community benefit with what I have learned. I can still say that I have not changed my habits, I just replaced my habits with better ones, and that has relieved the pressures of failing.

BestwaytoHealth.Com is a way for me to not only share these experiences but also to educate myself with all the tools I need to help promote a healthier lifestyle for my children and family and in turn help others do the same.

Since I began this site not more than seven months ago, I realized that there is a great lack of sites offering great information in a platform that is easy to navigate without getting bored reading lengthy articles that seem to go nowhere for the sole purpose of advertising products.

My desire is to give the gift of health, freedom and prosperity to the world. Our site has reached over 60 thousand readers in the last two months who genuinely prefer a healthy lifestyle, though most are still struggling in coping with life’s issues, they still seem to manage 10 minutes of their day to read thru these articles, and take the time to reward us with outstanding comments.


“A site that I expect in 2013 to grow immensely with interactions, videos and more.”

It is you, our readers like yourself, who has helped us with the input we need to continue educating our society to live the bestway to health they possibly can and experience their path to a better you.

BestwaytoHealth.Com wants nothing but the best in a healthy society, by cooking up a perspective on health, well-being and physical fitness with overall mental health that includes a touch of alpha mind power, sexy and provocative muscle, exercises to relieve stress while at the same time taking you around the world by seeking out the best food, grounding meditation, equipment, exercise routines for women, leisure locations for quiet mind yoga and fitness practices.

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