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by: Andrea Kincaid


Today’s busy lifestyles leave little to no time at all for personal well-being and fitness. That’s very common. We work hard, run necessary errands, take care of our families, but what about us. What about the busy mom who has the desire to be fit yet can’t find classes to accommodate her busy schedule? What about the guy who’s so frustrated he just wants to find a suitable way to relax without grabbing the remote control?

The Answer is YogaDownload

Founded by yogis who enjoy life and love experiencing and making the best of it, is committed 100% to giving its subscribers convenience, variety, quality and affordability and a way to balance your busy life with quiet mind yoga.

With over 15 million Americans choosing to practice yoga, strives to give you the best experience when you choose to subscribe with them. With, not only do you get to practice in the comfort of your own home (or hotel room, if you travel often), but you are a given a variety of styles, levels and meditations such as bhakti yoga, fusion yoga, pilates, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, quiet mind yoga, grounding meditation and even kid’s and prenatal yoga

They provide you with instructors and printable guides so you’ll always have them on hand ready to go for whenever you get some free downtime. Each class is also accompanied by original, good quality music to help keep you going. The easy-to-follow pose guides also help to keep you safe throughout your yoga experience.

When you use, you’re getting quality with every instructor and class. The radio gets boring sometimes. Why not change it up? Another perk of is that they have over 6,000 new tracks to play whilst getting your classes in. Many people ask, “Why What’s so special about it?”

We asked owner Jamie Kent when and why she started

“I first thought of the idea in 2006. I was visiting a girlfriend in San Diego and we decided to try and go do some yoga in a beachfront park near her house. We had both taken yoga before and thought it would be no problem to remember enough to get through our own made up class, but we soon realized that we didn’t remember nearly as much as we had hoped and could barely get through Sun Salutation A.

So we fumbled around and did our best, and all the while I was noticing people running by with their headphones on listening to music. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be so cool if we had a yoga class that we could listen to on our headphones so we could do a real class here in the park next to the ocean?

Then I thought, wait, I could totally make classes like that! I had previous experience in audio editing due to my days of being a club DJ, and so, the idea for Yoga Download was born. The first version of the site launched in 2007.” empowers you to practice yoga your way,

on your time, wherever you see fit. doesn’t sacrifice or cut corners. You will get superior quality with each course you decide to take. Most places offer a few different options for classes that you can choose from, but with, you can choose from hundreds of classes in multiple styles and challenge yourself each month.

Because is such an amazing website especially for the busy, on-the-go person, you have the option to pay monthly or choose from 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plans. Your subscription renews automatically, you have no minimum obligation and unlike some places, you can cancel anytime. The classes you choose from come with content specifically designed for that type of yoga.

The best part about is that you can keep your downloads forever. This is great if you want to revert back to anything throughout the course of your membership. You also have the option to purchase classes a la carte.

Yoga for Beginners – Preview has two options for accessing your yoga classes and those are streaming (through the internet) or downloading content to take it anywhere with you like the bus, business trips, even in between your college courses if you’re a student. You’ll never again have to worry about missing classes or re-arranging your schedule to fit that of a class.

The convenience is right at the tip your fingers with your phone or tablet. No more wasting gas on driving around to your classes or worried about not having a good instructor.

Visit the beauty of has a newsletter that keeps you up to date with new classes, instructors, and special offers from time to time. They vow to never sell or trade your information as they loathe any and all spam mail. So signing up is safe and effective. Some tips they offer on their website include;

*Stay focused in one general area by finding one object or area to gaze into.

*No screens or distractions.

* classes have clear asana instructions that are easy to follow.

*Print your portable pose guide as quick reference.

*Enjoy being your own instructor.

*Quiet Mind Yoga and Grounding Meditation

Yoga keeps your body in tune with your mind. It enhances life. It will give you lean muscle and increase your flexibility. You’ll even begin to see a change in your weight both physically and mentally as it clears your mind and opens you up to a world of positivity.

Some more delightful benefits of practicing yoga are that it lowers stress levels, reduces chronic pain, relief from back pain and it increases bone density. It can also help you to sleep better, improves your posture, boosts your immunity, and gives you a sense of positive personal views. is yoga for the way you really live!

While not everyone has tried yoga, that’s no reason to turn away from it. You just need the right tools to start off with. “We have a Yoga for Beginners section with classes that are designed for those brand new to yoga, and we’re currently working to create packages of classes designed for newbies that will guide them from brand new to becoming an advanced beginner yogi.”  It never closes. It’s always there when you need it.

When I asked Jamie what her advice is for beginners trying yoga out, she says “Be kind to yourself and don’t judge if you fall out of a pose, or have a hard time even reaching down toward your toes. Yoga is a journey, and a process, and it is the journey that brings all of the rewards, not the destination of “perfecting” a pose. Try a variety of teachers and styles as there can be a huge difference from one to the next and you never know what teacher or style will strike a chord.”

There’s a section on the website that caught my eye called Giving Back. I asked Jamie what’s the scoop with it. “We LOVE giving back! We know yoga provides a myriad of benefits and we want to make sure those who need it most have access to quality yoga classes no matter where they live or what their budget is.

We offer free or heavily discounted memberships to active duty military and those in the peace corps, and grant permission to use our classes in group settings from prisons to orphanages across the globe. We also donate a portion of revenues each month to various charities we support.”

Every business and good company has a mission, and for, it’s to make yoga accessible and affordable to anyone and everyone.

Jamie Kent has set both long and short-term goals and ambitions for “In the short term we are working to improve the customer experience on the site by streamlining the process of accessing videos and updating our user interface. In the long term we want to offer more customization opportunities as well as continue to increase our video library with talented teachers from across the country.”


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