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Fitness Athletes

Today we are bringing to you a group of amazing fitness athletes, 72 of them in fact, that are changing the course of fitness competitions world wide and setting the standards of what being the best is all about.

Tammy and Kristi

Fitness by Team Genetics


Team Bling, Sweat and Heels

This is not about heel cladded weight lifters with extra, out of the ordinary endowments with testosterone.  This is about a group of talented, classy and devout men and very feminine women inspiring each other to overcome all that society can throw at their everyday dealings with life.


Most are dedicated athletes.  Devoted Wives, Husbands, Fathers and Mothers, who are inspiring young athletes of both genders all headed in the same direction.

Empowering the lives of not only themselves but also paying it all forward in an amazing way.

Each one of these men and women have a common ground, not a single soul was born with superpowers, however together they formed an elite body of enthusiastic, supportive and encouraging beings.

Together they beat to the fitness rhythm

of one giant heart.

It is said that when one dreams a vision, it takes unity to bring it into reality.  This is reality, a brotherhood and sisterhood, a true family.  These groups conquer all that dares to defeat any one of us.

Emotions, and life’s set backs are no match to the power of this ultimate group.

Inspiring to outperform all that life can throw at them, from health concerns to managing diets and overcoming hurdles, these amazing men and women have seen it all!  Their support for all that catches their heart is like no other.

With out further delay, we want to introduce the brains to this body, a pair of amazing women, business leaders and visionaries.

Tammy Streich Wbff Pro and Kristi Szudlo Wbff Pro

A friendship and mastermind combined.  Each with their own set of ideas that capture the essence of teamwork by bringing together both mind and matter.

The essential component of talent and muscle dancing in unison and bringing inspiration to everyone they touch.


Both Tammy Streich and Kristi Szudlo manage amazing teams of the most inspiring men and women that the world of fitness and fashion has never experienced before.

In the Fitness and Beauty Competition arena Team Genetics and Team Bling, Sweat and Heels are truly the best teams one can ever be a part of.

Weather you’re a man or a woman looking to create a lifestyle change and enter the world of competing in the Beauty and Fitness these are the best teams to be a part of.

Get to know both fitness teams here:

Team Genetics

Coached by

Kristi Szudlo WBFF PRO and Tammy Streich WBFF PRO


Team Bling Sweat and Heels

Coached by

Tammy Streich WBFF PRO and  Kristi Szudlo WBFF PRO


About Tammy Streich WBFF Pro

tammy_streich_1Born and raised in small town USA, Tammy Streich is now a personal trainer, group fitness leader, fitness competitor, fitness model and first and foremost a devout wife and mother.

Growing up she was very active and participated in a multitude of competitive school athletic programs.  Her upbringing consisted of learning to balance life, schoolwork and her athletic career, including Basketball, Track, Gymnastics and Cheerleading.  Moving onto her college years as a major in Exercise Science she earned her Bachelors Degree.

Along with her minor in Marketing followed with her degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant, all while Cheerleading at the same time.

Tammy Streich has always had a love for fitness, however life always comes in and tries to tear you down when you think you’re at your peak.  The love of her life, her Father and inspiration suffered a stroke at the very young age of 42.  At this point Tammy became more concerned with health and not just fitness.  She developed a passion for a healthy lifestyle and not just working-out to look good.  She watched as her dad struggled with his disability and after twenty years it has made her appreciate having a strong, healthy and fit body.  She mostly enjoys helping others reach and excel in their own fitness and athletic goals.

Immediately out of college Tammy Streich began competing in Fitness Competitions.  She has always used strength training to excel in sports, however this is the time she really began working hard to change and sculpt her physique.  After several years of successfully competing in the Fitness Categories, (fitness routines and physique) she decided to retire and focus on starting a “Family”.

This took many years, due to fertility issues, however at the beautiful age of 40 she gave birth to her inspiration and today her motivator, a lovely daughter.  Tammy’s decision and goal was that while she was pregnant, she is to set the ladder up high and step right back on stage in a Bikini Model competition just twelve months after her delivery.  This decision came into reality just 14 months later as she was back up on stage and began working for and accomplishing the most pristine and sought after PRO title with The World’s Beauty Fitness and Fashion organization.

Since then Tammy and her sister Carmen Hamm who is also a certified personal trainer and wellness coach with a degree in nutrition both created UBeFIT2, a health and Fitness company that specializes in Individual and Group Fitness Training and Nutritional Education.  Since their commencement they have helped countless individuals thru motivation and education on what it takes to be in the best shape of your life and lead a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.


Created by

Tammy Streich WBFF Pro


About Kristi Szudlo WBFF PRO

Kristi Szudlo2

Being born half  “Tomboy” and half “Princess” she loved to play with her brothers and their friends climbing trees and racing down the street.

Much as she liked playing with Barbie’s and dressing up with her girlfriends pretending to be the next Ms. America Pageant winner, Kristi Szudlo was not your run of the mill girl.

She has always been a competitive spirit and loved competing with the neighborhood boys.  She was an outstanding runner and started her competitive career in elementary school running for her youth team.  At age 5 she joined her school youth swim team with her brothers and by age 8 was swimming year round and participated in her first state competition.

She also began cheerleading in elementary school during the fall recreation leagues and fell in love with the sport.  She continued cheerleading all thru high school and was always voted to be captain.  At the very young age of three she also was involved with dance and ballet and enjoyed lyrical jazz dance all thru high school.  Not only did she do these highly competitive sports, thru high school she was also involved on a track team as a sprinter, long jumper and high jumper.

Although Kristi Szudlo never stopped working out in any stage of her life she always stayed fit thru college even though sports was not her primary focus.  She concentrated on school and socialization.  Her return to athletics and competitive sports once again began after the birth of her second child at the end of 2009.  She had just become the Ohio “Beauties of America Pageant” titleholder when she discovered she was pregnant with her second child.  Carrying her pregnancy to full term, she was just shy of the 13 weeks it would take to get into shape for the National Beauty Pageant in Myrtle Beach.

Reaching the National Beauty Pageant and winning in at least the fitness category was her goal.  She knew that in order to succeed she had to win at least that.  Though her pregnancy was not easy and was met with all sorts of complications she needed to avoid, it gave her the strength to not only deliver a very beautiful healthy girl, she took 1st runner up in the beauty category, won the fitness and evening gown categories all in just 13 weeks after delivering her new born princess!

Kristi Szudlo is now a WBFF PRO card recipient and a Bikini and Fitness model, a writer, a life coach and a motivational speaker, and the Host of Kick Ass Women.Com radio show.  She is the proud mother of two beautiful children a foster parent and currently a fitness and bikini competitor.  She also works full time in Medical Sales.  As a devout Christian she is extremely grateful of all her accomplishments.  She now trains, manages and encourages some of the world’s most accredited athletes and inspires all those wanting to follow in her footsteps to becoming the Best of the Best in Fitness, Beauty and Pro Competition athletes.

Kick Ass Women.Com

Hosted by

Kristi Winger Szudlo WBFF Pro


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