Grounding Meditation for Health

Grounding Meditation for Health

In our society today we all need and count on a unique support system suitable for our day to day lives.  A support system so unique that it touches the very core of our belief system and at the same time challenges us to motivate and excel.  Participating in a regular practice of Grounding Meditation allows one to effectively set the foundation to developing an effective support system.

Social support systems are an important part of all our lives. These systems include anyone we trust and can go to for help, advice, or any other type of emotional support. Your particular social support system may be made up of your friends and family members or specific individuals. Many of the support systems that everyone has are family members, friends, health care providers, co-workers, social workers, teachers or anyone else who you can trust.

Grounding meditation allows for people with developmental disabilities to have an easier time building their social support systems and opens the channels for extra help. Grounding meditation assists individuals as they build their social support systems, and helps them maintain good mental health.

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A direct support system made up of supportive people is crucial to developing friendships that grow out of shared activities and interests. Encouraging individuals to try new activities like grounding meditation can be one of the best ways to assist someone in building their social support system.

Anyone can assist individuals in developing a list of hobbies they enjoy and finding local activities that they may want to join.  For example, you can help the person you support locate meditation groups in or near the neighborhood they live.

For example if an individual enjoys singing along to the radio, you could look into local music classes that the individual might be able to join. Once again, this new activity will assist the person in meeting new people and building a strong support system.

Having a strong support system is vital to maintaining mental health. Mental health is how people feel, think, and act in life. Mental health affects how people think about and deal with challenges and problems. Making decisions, relating to other people, and handling stress are all part of maintaining strong mental health.

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A strong social support system is one of the best ways for you and the people you support to maintain and build positive mental health. More specifically, social supports can increase mental health by alleviating stress.

A strong social support system can alleviate stress by providing individuals with another person to share in activities with. When individuals have someone to confide in and who cares about what they are saying, they patiently listen to their problems, they may find it easier to deal with whatever challenges they are facing.

In addition, people with an individual’s support system may be able to give ideas or recommendations for how to overcome life’s challenges.  Increasing a person’s self confidence and feelings of value.  Being part of a strong social support system can make an individual feel loved and important.

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Individuals can listen to the challenges of others in their support system and may even have ideas about how their friends can overcome these challenges.  Feeling valued by other people can increase an individual’s self confidence and self esteem this contributes to good mental health.  Decreasing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Social support systems can also be fun.  Individuals can call on members of their support system when they want to participate in an activity or just talk about what is going on in their lives.  Without friends and other social supports many people are more likely to feel lonely, isolated, and bored which can increase risk for developing mental health conditions such as depression.

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