Grounding Meditation Works

Grounding Meditation Works very simple. It  becomes more complicated when you start using it on a regular basis and begin to recognize how Grounding Meditation works within your inner creative auroras and the conditions to the inter-related elements of yourself, your energy system and environment. All of these things affect how well you ground.  Topics of interest include Alpha Mind Power, Quiet Mind Yoga, Toning Workout for Women, Excercises to Relieve Stress, Heart Health for Women, and grounding meditation works.



Grounding Meditation Basics; The floating and feeling invisible:

This floating feeling can also be described as a euphoric spacy feeling.  Being in this place awhile, grounding meditation works begins to feel like you are never tired however paradoxically never any extra energy.  Grounding Meditation works in a strange state.  Since it does not make much sense.  If you feel like you’re drunk or tipsy for no particular reason then you’re most likely ungrounded as well and if when you move the whole room and all the objects in the room are still, that’s when you are grounded.  Unlike when your moving and the objects are as well moving with you then you are floating.  Then you know grounding meditation works.

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I also heard that when electrical objects and lights go out when you’re around them, grounding meditation is used often when you are not grounded.  Additionally, when you are in floating state, cold temperatures will not bother you at all since you will not have much awareness of your body.  One of the primary qualities of this state of consciousness is that you will feel like you are completely invisible around other people.  To me the process of floating tells me that “I don’t want to be here”.  Once I start thinking those thoughts and feeling that way, then I can feel my awareness floating up out of my body.

A great way to activate the grounding meditation works state is to fully experience yourself somewhere you don’t want to be.  Conversely, if you are constantly doing things you don’t want to be doing and going to places you don’t want to be then you are going to have a problem with running this process too much.

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Grounding Techniques:

Body work:

If you really want to take full advantage of grounding meditation works and be able to release negative energies and emotions, then I recommend getting Rolfed.  Also known as structural integration, this is a great thing to do if you want to easily achieve grounding meditation.  Energetic work based on biomechanics and body work based on exercises to relive stress has been known to improve heart health for women and in children.  If your pelvic floor is tense and your adductors are tight and your root Chakra is shut down then the meditations listed here will work, but less efficiently.  The truth is that it does not matter whether you just do body work or just energetic work, they will both have the same effect in the long term however it is best to combine both for maximum efficient success.

Tailbone Grounding Meditation:

If grounding is being affected by pressures in your tailbone, some focus to that area may help tremendously.  In return this helps you find your root chakra.  Just doing some simple awareness meditation on the tailbone is safe.  After you get comfortable with a simple and basic meditation, try doing some feet exercises and relax the heel and toes.  The effect is profound, calming and enjoyable  One of the qualities of keeping your awareness on the tailbone is that you will generally no longer be invisible to other people anymore…Laugh!  All of sudden people see you instead of seeing thru you. Grounding meditation works!

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Traditional Grounding Meditation Cords:

Quiet Mind Yoga will help enhance your Mind Power and generally assist you with your Grounding Meditation.  This widely popular Grounding Meditation Technique is the one where you can imagine roots coming out of your feet and going down into the earth, as deep as you deem them necessary and secure them there with and image of your choosing.  It can be tree roots, a garden hose, a rainbow, a waterfall or anything else.  Then you pull up the earth energy into your system from the feet all the way up to your head.

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Open your crown chakra and pull down the universal energy all the way from your head to your feet.  Then you set your intent for the energies to meet at the heart and stabilize.  This is actually a Healing Touch Style Earth and Universal Energy distribution Technique.  Grounding is just the first part, where you create cords to release energy using your Alpha Mind Power to release energy from you aura.  Topics of interest include Alpha Mind Power, Quiet Mind Yoga, Toning Workout for Women, Excercises to Relieve Stress, Heart Health for Women, and Grounding Meditation.

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