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Life has many pitfalls, while healing the soul we cannot deny to the world our inner pain to save face in the light of publicity thus loosing our self-awareness.  In studying the philosophies of meditation I realized that as we transmit to others the fantasy of a great life we tend to evolve and in the process fall into a mental state of denying one’s true self.  The more we do this on a daily basis, over time we begin to form a dual thought process in our mind in which we prevent healing the soul. Connect your mind, body and soul with a blend of Yoga and Pilates. Topics of interest include Alpha Mind Power, Quiet Mind Yoga, Toning Workout for Women, Excercises to Relieve Stress, Heart Health for Women, and Grounding Meditation.

One morning as I was walking down a tree lined path, I came upon a man sitting on a bench reading a novel.  He began a routine conversation about his previous encounter with death as he laid in a coma for many months, when I asked him how he was doing that day.  He commented on how he lost everything he knew.  His entire life has shattered in a blink of an eye.  His coma was induced by a heart attack that was intervened during the time of the attack and survived, only to fall into the coma.  As the heart began its new journey of healing itself, his mind was yet to regain consciousness.  He without knowing was healing the soul.

Later that morning as I continued my walk and I came upon a woman, I greeted her and she responded with the usually canned response leading that her day is wonderful and full of joy and without a care in the world.  Yet she displayed sadness in her expression.  Sadness filled with uncertainty and dismay.  She had trouble paying for her coffee as she stood in line on the phone arguing with what seemed to be a relationship.

You see, the difference between the man who had a life changing experience and the woman who is in denial of verbally expressing her awful life experiences is that the man was allowing in healing from the spiritual world around him, rather than the woman denying that right from those around her and thus continuing a life of pain and misery and thus denying healing the soul.

The importance of expressing the truth about one’s present experiences is that unknowingly we are reaching out to the spiritual world and asking for help in healing the soul.  Projecting into this world the need for help is a tremendous asset in one’s own path of healing.  Though to most we think that if we were to express that truth about ourselves, our life to strangers will be judged therefore we neglect the fact that the spirit involved in that other being is prohibited and not allowed to venture out and help us heal.

The soul is a mysterious and misunderstood dimension.  A dimension that without understanding can lead us into a form of cage that we place ourselves in and denying the external spirits of allowing us to heal.  Every person is unique and thus is why we are called individuals.  Just like we look at a bookshelf of many books about the same topic, each book on that shelf is unique as to its contents.

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In the following simple terms, healing the soul is crucial to always express the truths and project them to the universe we travel in to allow the universe and its energies to promote self-healing.  The secrets to healing the soul is that we unlock the allowance to manifest themselves into the meditations of positive thought and projecting what our inner soul and spirit needs in order to self-heal our daily lives.  The power of positive thoughts must be real and true so that we ourselves can receive the exact antidote we need to heal.

As we explore this uncharted path in ourselves we begin a transformation and realize that all the medicines we need for our mind, body and spirit can easily be found in the universe around us.  Topics of interest include Alpha Mind Power, Quiet Mind Yoga, Toning Workout for Women, Exercises to Relieve Stress, Heart Health for Women, and Grounding Meditation.

FROM: The Soul of Healing by Deepak Chopra and Adam Plack

You split me and you tore my heart open and you filled me with love.
You poured your spirit over mine.
I knew you as I know myself.
My eyes are radiant with your light.
My ears delight in your music.
My nostrils are filled with your fragrance and my face is covered with your dew.
You have made me see all things shining.
You have made me see all things new.
You have granted me perfect ease and I have become like paradise.
And having become like paradise, my soul is healed.

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      This is such an important eiercxse for healing. As I focus on what I am thankful for during this week of Thanksgiving, it is a perfect time to sort out what I need to let go of in my life. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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