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Pool ShotThe Houstonian Club is a private healthy gym and fitness club with memberships by invitation only. It’s dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for their Members and their families. Their guiding principle is that this can best be achieved through developing and maintenance of a sound body and an alert mind.


Pamper with style at this exclusive resort during your stay in the State that is known for Big Things and Big Ideas. This location in the heart of Texas, U.S.A. is known for a business mecca and a tourist destination all rolled into one.


Alpha BRAIN. Razor Focus. Mental Dominance.

The central purpose of The Houstonian is to offer individuals and organizations a unique health and fitness facility with programs and services that focus on renewal via personally, professionally and physically.
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Get Ripped in 90 Days
This is accomplished by providing virtually every program and service imaginable in a health and fitness club. For families, couples and singles, from six months of age to 100+, there is no better place to get fit and stay fit.

At The Houstonian, nestled among towering pines and majestic oaks, the tranquility of nature prevails over the clamor of the city. Here, dreams are realized, lasting memories are born and lives are deeply enriched.

Registered guests of The Houstonian Hotel are granted complimentary limited access to The Club and Pools. A 175,000 square foot Houston health club and fitness facility, The Club is located adjacent to The Houstonian Hotel and Trellis, The Spa at The Houstonian.

The Houstonian Club started selling Memberships in 1978, and when it opened in January 1980, a health club in a 125,000 square foot building was decidedly not commonplace. From the very beginning, The Houstonian Club exhibited innovation.


All of The Club’s 180 weekly Group Fitness classes have been designed by the Group Exercise and Aquatics staffs. The Club recently added a second underground parking facility, so every Member can have covered parking. The club has a new indoor tennis facility, the only indoor courts in the immediate area. Innovation is crucial in building and maintaining a competitive edge.

The Club has always operated with the understanding that people will only accept elite pricing if elite service and products are delivered at just a modest $24,000 initiation fee and a $365 monthly. This was never truer than when, in 1992, The Club was purchased (along with the adjacent Houstonian Hotel & Spa) by The Redstone Companies.

Redstone’s reputation of demanding the highest standards from its affiliate companies and personnel set a course of quality and continuous improvement that allowed The Club to add an additional 4,200 (net) Memberships while maintaining an annual attrition rate of approximately 4 percent. Club Members expect all areas of The Club – programming, activities, facilities, services – to be superior to any club in the area.

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Its operators planned to have a relatively small number of Members, so the staff could concentrate on providing a level of service comparable to the country’s finest private clubs. Although The Club now has a rather large number of Members, the policy of unparalleled service has never changed.

From the early 1990s, when Club staff participated in several years of Stephen Covey-based training, to present day, when the staff (at all levels) continually engages in service seminars and dialogs, service to the Member is paramount. Almost all the Members (1,500+ each day) are greeted by name when they enter The Club.

All four wet areas are continually staffed to ensure Member satisfaction. Many employees have 25+-year careers at The Club, and throughout The Club, Members are smiling and generally fit. All these are tangible examples of the level of service The Houstonian Club provides.

Group Classes

When it’s time to get serious about your health, Houstonian personal trainers offer limitless pathways to achieve your goals. These masters of motivation create programs that blend the intellectual and physical aspects of training in ways that are unique to each client.

Turbo Fire - Intense Cardio Conditioning

More than 35 personal trainers are available for every age, fitness level and medical condition. Trainers are degreed in a variety of disciplines, including kinesiology, human performance, nutrition, psychology and exercise science. Houstonian trainers are certified from the top organizations in the country, including the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Wellness coaches are highly credentialed fitness, health and wellness professionals who coach their clients in order to help them improve in the areas of fitness, weight, stress, energy, life satisfaction, health, nutrition and mental and emotional fitness. Coaches apply areas of behavioral psychology, counseling, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, adult learning theory and solution-oriented theory when working with their clients.

These methods have proven that working with a wellness coach once a week for three to six months, allows sufficient time for the client to be successful in changing a behavior. We all want to feel better, look better and have more energy. Most people know what to do, but they struggle to get there.


Cycle to the Beat! Pedal calories away while connecting to the rhythm of your ride. Includes 10 minutes of ab work after cycle.

This cycle workout will take you on a journey along quiet country roads or down busy highways; you’ll hear quiet orchestral music, and you’ll get peppered with the latest pop hits. You’ll be part of a group/class, but ultimately you’re on a journey of self-discovery and your goals are personal.

We encourage you to ride with a heart rate monitor and track your progress; we encourage you to breathe big, ride strong, never give up and delight in the tremendous gains our virtual ICE can give you on the real-road the next time you cycle!

Spin Room

No equipment is necessary for this intense core workout! You will be amazed at how quickly you find out where your strengths and weaknesses are, just by utilizing your own body weight and strength! It’s a simple but challenging workout; it’s a voyage of self-discovery as you develop a connection with your own personal core strength.

High Intensity Interval Training incorporates 5-7 strength and cardio exercises performed in timed intervals followed by brief recovery and an immediate return to another group of exercises performed for another 3-4 rounds. Maximum calorie burn is achieved along with incredible cardiovascular conditioning, upper and lower body shaping and core strengthening. This class challenges even the most conditioned participant!

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Become a TRX Trainer

All these are tangible examples of the level of service The Houstonian Club provides.


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