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NutritionThroughout the world, we all know that juicing is part of a beneficial way to a healthier life. Juicing on a regular basis has shown to increase energy, vitality and overall well-being. Juicing has become popular since the amount of Vegetables and Fruits the average person would need to consume for an improved lifestyle would be so immense that it would result on an ongoing regimen of eating all day long and every day. Constantly purchasing, preparing and masticating would require an all time consuming and tedious habit.

Most of our time is spent working, providing and fulfilling responsibilities for our employers and families. Leaving very little time in between for joyful activities we as individuals like to partake in much less eating healthy or even sleeping sleeping. So if we were to add in the necessary time to shop for, preparing and eating what our bodies need to become and stay healthy, it would simply not get done and eventually forgotten all together. Therefore we suffer the consequences thru debilitating our health.

That’s where the importance of juicing comes into the picture. Finding a juicer that not only is able to juice fruits but vegetables at the same time and combining these into an easy step can be a tedious task all together, so we took our time in reviewing some of the best juicers on the market and found one that fits all the categories we were looking for. Not only can this particular juicer take care of fruits and vegetables easily, it also gives you the added benefit of extracting the “MILK” from the most important aspects of your daily diet, favorite nuts and seeds.

Making your own home made Almond Milk, or butters is no easy task for most juicers available to the average consumer. A machine required to make nut milks and butters would mean stepping up to the industrialization area and have a machine that barely fits inside your garage. Now for the first time, you can experience all this in just a square foot of kitchen counter space.

Introducing the The Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro, a BestwaytoHealth.Com favorite

The Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro, revolutionizes juicing! Its patented new technology delivers more juice and nutrients per ounce of produce, stretching your food dollar. It’s a hybrid, using both extracting and grinding to deliver the best of both types of juicers. Delivers ease of use and speed of an extractor combined with the juice volume and juice quality of a grinder. Jay Kordich says, “I’m very excited to offer you my brand new juicer, The Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro,. In all my years of teaching people about the power of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, this is the first time I’ve ever put my own name on any juicer”.

Jay’s 60 years of experience in sales and service of juicers has enabled him to create this superior juicer, better than any other on the market. The PowerGrind Pro uses a revolutionary 2-step process that both extracts and grinds for best results. Combined with its powerful low RPM motor, it gives you more nutrients and juice, delicious pulp-free concentrated nutrition, greater value from your food dollar, and it easily juices leafy green vegetables and Wheat grass. Unlike other juicers on the market, it even makes Almond, Soy and Rice milk.

Unleash the healing power of live fruits and vegetables! Juicing live foods can help you lower cholesterol, lose weight, prevent cancer & strokes, unclog arteries, repair harm done by poor health habits, and prolong life and give you lasting vitality.

Juice for Life Juicers

Five Stars! This juicer works perfectly
By Maxwell Johnson “Cook, Musician and Teacher”

Unlike many people who write juicer reviews, I am not a long-time juicer. In fact, despite being a graduate of one of the premier culinary schools in America and having worked as a professional chef, I have never juiced anything in my life. A friend who is very much into healthy eating persuaded me to try some of his various juice combinations and after a taste or two I knew I had to have one. Then followed lots of research to find the best choice for my pocketbook and my lifestyle. As a sometime kitchen professional, I have a fondness for “commercial” equipment and so I ended up lusting over a Norwalk. But $2500 for a juicer the size of Wrigley Field with a hydraulic press…too much.

I debated long and hard over centrifugal versus auger or gear driven machines. Now, I should stop here for a disclaimer. I do not drink juice to detoxify my liver or to prevent/treat cancer, heart disease, gallstones, or flat feet. I drink it because I like the taste and because it gets raw fruit and vegetables into my body in a way that has to be healthy. Please, I do not need any Gerson folks or other enthusiasts to comment telling me that I should…you-fill-in. Don’t take that as a put-down. I respect the choices people make for their health and, in fact, many juicing enthusiasts are doubtless much healthier than I.

Juice For Life Power Juicers

The implication of this is that I don’t seek out organic produce unless I can get it cheap, nor do I worry about how much of the good stuff is going to be lost to oxidation if there is foam in the juice. That just isn’t who I am.

Because I no longer have a scullery worker to wash up behind my efforts, I wanted something that was easy to clean. Because I enjoy the product a lot more than the process, I wanted a machine that didn’t require me to do a lot of food prep. Because I’m not wasteful by nature, I wanted a device that extracted as much juice as possible.

I was drawn to the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. It is hefty stainless steel and you can dump whole apples or beets into it without cutting or chopping. Fast. Easy. But only a one-year warranty, a well-documented tendency to throw food all over the kitchen and considerable commentary about its limited ability to extract maximum juice. I looked at juicers from Omega, Green Star, Kuvings, Champion, Hurom…the list goes on and on. While they got good reviews, there were also comments about durability, size, speed, and so on.

Seen On TV Products

I chose a lesser-known juicer, The Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro, The description of the innards is a bit vague, even on Jay’s website so let me tell you exactly how it works. In essence, it is a centrifugal juicer. It shreds the fruit and vegetables and spins them against a fine, cone-shaped stainless steel filter, literally slinging out the juice. The difference is that surrounding the shredder disk is a grinding ring maybe 5/16″ wide which mates with a similar ring mounted on the top housing.

The motor runs at a substantially slower speed than most centrifugal juicers but much, much faster than an auger/gear machine. The produce is shredded and then ground between the two rings, which are positioned just a fraction of a millimeter apart. The result is very dry pulp. After juicing a bag of apples, a couple of pears, ginger, celery, and carrots, I found that I could pick up a handful of the pulp and squeeze really hard yielding only a few drops of unextracted juice.

“Cleanup takes about 3-5 minutes.”

“We recommend this one without hesitation.”

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