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How important is it to your health and wellbeing to get or stay motivated?

To feel the thrill of knowing that with gratitude you can succeed in what many only wish they can do is as important to your health as eating right and exercising. After all is said and done, at the end of your day, what sticks with you most should only be as motivating as the desire of success you expect in your life. Many motivational speakers consult on this very topic and are very successful themselves.


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What gives them the motivation to begin a career where they are constantly surrounded be the needy? Those who wish they had it all, millions in the bank, a happy family, and even the incorruptible smile and pride of feeling accomplished.

In fact many of these success stories can be found everywhere, from the internet to television and even on the news, especially on the news when these successful figures crash bottom or get caught cheating.

Regardless, motivation is the root of all doings. Without it life is miserable and painful. Its 4 am, the alarm clock screams and it’s time to start a day that seems only hours ago ended. You desperately try to shut it off and wish you had more time to sleep. That’s where it all begins.

Every day one thinks this as their first awaken thought of the day and unknowingly this thought sets the stage for a long hard day. Well, many people think like that and for many years their life has dragged along, even though very successful at times they never found that “nirvana feeling” of accomplishment, those are the times that are not so good even while having it all. It begins to set the stage for failure and disappointment. What changes everything is gratitude.

Having gratitude begins the motivational transformation. Today the alarm clock will still wreak havoc on ear drums, and yet the sounds are now like the most opportunistic time to have the feeling of gratitude and allow this sound to flow and manifest as the best sound anyone has ever heard.

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Its 4 am, another chance to get the day started ahead of everyone else, get to the gym before the morning crowd and get to use freshly cleaned equipment. The air on the way there is not polluted with the perfume of morning commute, a great fragrance anyone can do without. Get to work out and build adrenalin naturally, instead of dosing the body with caffeine and sugar.

No lines for the lockers or changing areas. Showers are clean and refreshed, and the towels are warm. What more can the start of the day ask for. Gratitude is the key to mental peace, and slowly as time progresses, and asked, how’s the stress level? The response is, “Stress is not an option!”

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Having this attitude of gratitude as the first morning experience gives the extra “humph” that gets you across the finish line before anyone else. Get to work earlier and with more energy, and what’s even better, the energy lasts thru out the day! No crash, no feelings of dread, and when the unexpected happens, you just laugh at it and conquer it. Before realizing it, its 5pm, and now set free of the burdens that once plagued your life. The mind is sharper, and the body never felt better. Even those who have seen the transformation will ask, “What’s your secret?”

“Gratitude, is the first and last thought of the day.”

“As if the world around us has become still and at the speed of light you flow thru it.”

“No speed bumps, No obstacles.”

So how important is anything in your life that you’re willing to do anything for it? We have been taught the mindset that to achieve the impossible, we need to do the impossible. That statement is just not true. The simple thought of having a constant gratitude for everything is the key, it’s the key that starts and ends the day, the weeks, and the years. Moving at the speed of light, as time in this world seems to be standing still, succeed like none other.

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Be a creator, have a gift of creating options that others never seen or experienced. Be a motivator and an industrial inventor. Be a father, a son and an amazing student. Observe, learn and store all information and just like counting cards at a blackjack table, never stop learning to exactly know the next draw. We are all far from perfect, impatient at times and hesitant at others, but with gratitude all is overcome.

Gratitude at times is relying on others for guidance, and be able to get it together along with making the impossible seem like a walk in the park. Only with gratitude as a guide, everything is obtainable. Now consider yourself very fortunate that you get to learn this secret just by reading this article.

If you only knew the road many have traveled, “the journey” to get to this point you would have quit reading a long time ago. The edge is that you don’t and now you can take the journey and learn from this point on. This head start so to speak will be the wind beneath your wing and all you will do from now on is fly at the speed of sound.

Gratitude is everything that seems so impossible to achieve, your relationships with others will drastically improve, your health will be the best you ever seen or felt, that old car you drive will be the high line vehicle you’ve always wanted, and most importantly you now have the life you’ve only dreamed about.

A word of warning, once you get it, everyone will do whatever it takes to steal it away or reduce it to their level to understand it. Do not let yourself be driven by outside circumstances and loose the key that got you thru the door of life.

Gratitude is gold and thieves are everywhere, in all sorts of disguises in every crevice on the sidewalk. Almost invisible at times, but once you recognize their intentions, give thanks, because without them you wouldn’t have had the chance to know the difference.


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