Decadent and Lustful

Chocolate-FigsW1Don’t we all want a little more lust and passion in our lustful lives? If you answered no to this question you were either lying, or you were just lying. Of course we’re all looking for lust and passion in our lives. Sure, you could turn to the movies for some titillating ideas. Or there’s books, for the more cerebral folks out there. Maybe some toys or costumes (or both) are your go to things. The lustful accounts for specialty, just the fact of celebrating this in 2013 is justifiable reason in itself! Who would have thought that the Mayan’s would ever think up this incredible recipe?

My Man’s Belly has a better idea. Hit the kitchen! These lusty figs contain everything you need to get those passion juices flowing. A little sweet, a little alcohol and a whole lotta chocolate. The sexy fig recipe can be found here.


Sexy Figs for Love!

Figs and Chocolate

I happen to go with these lines of thought for this “Lustful holiday of hearts.” But I do like to use it as a reminder that we all need a little kick in the butt sometimes to re-calibrate our lust-o-meter, and any day is just as good.

Also if your idea of fig recipes starts and ends with Fig Newtons or cheese stuffed figs wrapped in bacon, prepare to have your mind blown! In my world, fig recipes will begin and end with this one.

Valentines chocolate is one of those aphrodisiac food items that simply oozes sexiness. I’m pretty sure there’s not one other ingredient that I would deem worthy of causing me to be photographed naked for. Remember my chocolate recipe for the charity book Nudie Foodies? Calling these lusty figs, chocolate figs, just does not do this little bite of decadence justice.

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We start with a curvaceous fruit, the fig, which is soft and supple. Once opened, the soft center reveals an almost honey scented and flavored flesh. The rich chocolate ganache filling adds a bit of firmness to the soft fig as well as a fullness that escapes into your mouth immediately upon biting into this delicacy. Of course there needs to be a touch of spirits in this treat.

After all, spirits add to seduction….don’t they? So the sexy little figs are soaked in a bath of ruby Port. Not only does the Port add a nice bit of red fruits flavor to the confection, but it helps to soften the dried fig as well. And how are these little treats finished off? They’re enrobed in a thin coat of chocolate so you get a bit of a crunch to go along with all of the softer decadence. Are you drooling yet?


These chocolate figs aren’t your cutesy little Valentine’s Day recipes that you’re probably finding all over the internets or Pinterest. No, these are for grownups. Sexy, lustful grownups that appreciate the art of seduction.

Nothing about this recipe is difficult, it just takes some time to put all the steps together. Think of it as kitchen foreplay.

Oh, and you’ll have plenty of the chocolate ganache left over after filling these chocolate figs. Wondering what to do with it? My suggestion is to take it into the bedroom with you and use it as a unbelievably delicious body paint.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Recipe and Blog Courtesy of Pamela Braun “My Man’s Belly”

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