Tiffany Rose Mockler

Pole Dance Competitor and Fitness Instructor

Tiffany Rose Mockler

Born in the early 1980’s Tiffany Rose Mockler of Saratoga, California has been a fitness enthusiast all her life. As an accomplished athlete, she began six years ago successfully infusing fitness and the intricacies of exotic dance in Competitive Pole dancing.  Tiffany has successfully taken fitness to a whole new level.

Her professional and educational background holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from San Jose State University and became a Certified Personal Trainer at Evolution Trainers in Mountain View, Ca.  While accomplishing both NASM and ACE Certification.  She has taken her passion towards amazing heights.

At the very young age of 19 Tiffany Rose Mockler became the leading National Champion of Synchronized Swimming.  She is a Cancer Survivor and a huge environmentalist, a sort of Left Handed Metal Head. She has competed in Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Dance and Figure Competitions with great success.

With her personal training certifications, Tiffany Rose Mockler attributes her success to her constant dedication towards self improvement.

Tiffany Rose Pole Dancer

As Tiffany’s involvement with physical training grew, one of her clients, a dancer,  introduced her to a free pole class.  She was hooked immediately and inverted to combining her fitness attributes with pole dancing.

We asked her what her diet is like and she replied, “I was a vegan for 11 years and recently started eating a bit of dairy and eggs but I don’t rely on them that much. My weight training and emphasizing on lifting/corrective exercises with intense short interval cardio every other day, I continue to improve my performance clearly stating, “Never train for your sport with your sport.  Cross training really helps prevent repetitive stress injury.”

Seeing her abilities on how she makes this sport seem so easy and fluid, we asked her what her biggest challenge is and what does she do to manage this challenge, she replied,

“My biggest challenge is people’s misconception of what pole dancing is. It becomes exhausting to educate people on the legitimacy of my sport/art.  So now I just open my Instagram and show them a video clip.  A 15 second video is worth a thousand words.”

Tiffany Rose Mockler on Instagram

Teaching Pole Instruction at a myriad of locations including teachings at The Vertitude and Metamorphosis, Mind Body and Pole in Los Angeles, Ca. as well as teaching at Poletential in Redwood City, Ca., she also offers Online Instruction for

When we asked her what her biggest accomplishments in sports are, she replied,

“As a winner of the People’s Choice Award, of the Queen Mary’s Pole Dance Championships in 2014 and being selected as a cast member for “Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show”, being a working artist in Hollywood is by far my biggest accomplishment yet.”


How does someone like Tiffany Rose Mockler set her goals we asked, “I like to set short term and long term goals.  I write my short term goals on paper or add them onto my phone for the week.  By chipping away at those I achieve my long term goals before I realize it!  I am a list maniac, it keeps me on task and cuts down on the time wasted when I train.”

“My ultimate achievement would be to teach workshops around the world.”


“Bloom Where You’re Planted!”

Tiffany Rose Mockler is simply someone who cannot sit still or be complacent.  If she is not striving to improve herself, learning something new on a daily basis or helping someone with their goals, she feels miserable.  This is the urge that attributes to her drive.  “Making the best out of every opportunity and situation even if it seems like a drag at the time, you never know what is going to be the moment that changes everything.”

Tiffany Rose Mockler on Facebook

Tiffany has been making huge strides within her balance as a dancer.  Much in part by Taryn Francis Yermilov and her mentor Sergia Louis Anderson whom both are world class dancers.  Their involvement in assisting Tiffany improve her technique and lines are providing the tools to further Tiffany’s way towards being a better dancer.  Her personality and drive while keeping an acute focus as to her dream goals will shortly land Tiffany Rose Mockler in a class all of her own!

We at want to thank Tiffany Rose Mockler for her footprint in our world today.  She is a grand example that success comes to those who work hard for it, set goals and receive results.  We see huge opportunities in her very near future with her growth and passion that will set new limits of human achievements.

Born: Tiffany Rose Mockler
Age: 35
From: Saratoga, California
Favorite Sport: Pole Dancing
Favorite Quote: “A true friend stabs you in the front.”
Favorite Books: “The Four Agreements” - Don Miguel Ruiz
                “The Melt Method” - Sue Hittsman
Education: Bachelor of Science, NASM and ACE Certified Personal Trainer
           National Synchronized Swimming Champion
Best Advice: “Bloom where you’re planted!”
Image Credits: Alloy Images, Monica Kay

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