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Lice on your pet

Lice Dangers and Your Pets
Lice on your pet will make life restless, with losing hair and constantly scratching or ...
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Luxurious resorts

Super Luxurious Resorts in Spain
Luxurious resorts can be found all over the world. However, visit Spain for longer than ...
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Hair Loss 5 Leading Causes Explained

Hair Loss 5 Leading Causes Explained
Hair Loss is becoming more common among the world's population.  Noticeably in higher developed countries ...
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Fog, Smog and Your Health

Fog Smog and Disease Your Healthy Life
Ever wonder how Fog and Smog disease keeps you from being healthy? Here you will ...
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Women’s Health

Women’s Health, 5 Ways Towards “Your Path to a Better You!” ®

Men’s Health

Men’s Health “Your Path to a Better You!” ®

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Pet Health ~ “Your Path to a Better You!” ®

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Family Health for  “Your Path to a Better You!” ®


Valentines Love and Your Health
Valentines Love and Your Health
It seems as the years go by, time seems to ...
muscle maintenance with Weights
Muscle Maintenance With Weights
We all know that with exercise and proper muscle maintenance ...
Insurances Everyone Must Have
Insurances Your Peace of Mind
Home Insurances, Auto Insurances, Renters Insurances, Life Insurances, Medical Insurances, ...
Mortgages, Loans and how to decide
Loans and How to Decide
Are you caught in a loan world wind?  Loans, Mortgages, ...
Heart Health New Year
Heart Health New Year Celebrations
Heart Health New Year Celebrations are here and what better ...


Jason V Chapman Staying True Within The Music
Jason V Chapman is staying true with a life filled with great music and family. Chapman is a father to a son, Andy 10 and a daughter, ...
Yvette Fintland, Image Credit Scott Schisler

Yvette Fintland As The Ice Melts
Yvette Fintland, model, actress, producer, and writer takes on her goals with energy, fun, and ambition. She's a fiery Capricorn that is melting away each ...


Ali Roots - Reality and Truths


A Life Immersed In Music
Ali Roots Reality and Truths

Music of Jason V. Chapman
November 11, 2015

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