8 Ways Working Women Maintain a Fit Lifestyle

For most working women with demanding careers, it is hard finding time to workout and have a fulfilling social life at the same time. It is very challenging for them to balance between work and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. They find themselves pushing aside exercise and prioritizing work instead.  Here are 8 ways you can implement that can make things easier.

Ladies that are career driven that still manage to make time to go to the gym and prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families are admired. As challenging as it may seem, determination and motivation can help you become fit in your busy life.

When we prioritize taking care of ourselves, we can become even more productive and happy. By making a few changes here and there, it is possible to make fitness a lifetime commitment.

Here are 8 ways to keep yourself fit as working women

Choose to workout at home

Making “your home-your gym” is easier compared to going to the gym. You will end up saving the time spent driving to the gym and getting stuck in traffic while heading back and forth. In the long run, it also saves you money. 

There are many free online digital workout videos that require no gym equipment at all that are as effective in burning calories and building muscle. In fact, you do not need to buy any dumbbells, instead you can use materials easily available to you at home to tone your whole body. Doing something is better than doing nothing.  Household chores like scrubbing floors and doing laundry can help keep you fit and the same time keep your house neat just by focusing every move you make into your core muscular area, just an extra perk to add to these 8 ways working women can keep fit.

8 ways for a fit lifestyle

Planing for weight loss is extremely important when scheduling meal times.

Spread out short 10-15-minute workouts within your busy schedule

It is not necessary for you to spend hours doing one long workout. You clearly do not have time for this. It is worthwhile for you to squeeze in a short workout session.

Throughout your day whenever you have a break, one session in the morning when you wake up and another at the end of the day should be enough for you depending on your fitness goals. This can work to your advantage because short intermittent workouts like  High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) have been proven to be more effective than long steady cardio exercises. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) keeps your metabolism elevated 28-48 hours after finishing your workout. While most people look forward to sleeping or just sitting after a long day of work, take a few minutes to do a quick cardio or HIIT session, this will not tire you but make you feel more relaxed and accomplished at the end.

Make sure that your short work out session is as effective as possible with variations

If you take valuable time out of your busy schedule to workout you can see how valuable these 8 ways are becoming, you might as well make it worth it. It is important to engage your mind throughout your workout by engaging your muscles rather than limping through it without any effort. Organize your exercises properly and learn the different variations to the same exercise to keep your workouts fresh and fun using a Jump Rope 

The body has a way of cheating during an exercise by finding easier ways to do a particular exercise and rendering your workout ineffective at burning calories. Occasionally incorporate different types of workouts like body weight training or resistance training other than the one you are used to. Keep things interesting by using these 8 ways to maintain so that you do not get bored or lack the motivation to keep moving forward.

Working women make realistic schedules and commit to it

Making a schedule and organizing your day properly is the key principle to ensuring that you do not skip a work out. You must keep reminding yourself that you have decided to be fully committed to maintain a fit lifestyle. The schedule must also come with a set of realistic goals that you hope to achieve within certain duration of time.

Many find themselves making comparisons with other people then end up having unreasonable goals. By starting slowly and learn as go because everybody is different, and things do not work the same way for everyone.

Prepare your meals and snacks in advance

It is well known that what you eat accounts for 80% of how you body will turn out to be. For some of us working women, cooking is not the first thing that comes to mind when we wake up early in the morning. We tend to grab whatever is around or even skip breakfast altogether to rush to work. Meal Prep has now become the norm and common among fitness enthusiasts. Simply prepare many meals during the weekend when you are free, pack them in containers and put them in the fridge ready for you when you need them.

When it comes to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle it is easier said than done. We often start strong and lose motivation towards the end. Once the above 8 ways working women maintain a fit lifestyle is incorporated into your life, you can help you achieve your goals and find “Your Path to a Better You!”

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