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8 Health Issues to Know About Your Pet

8 Health Issues

8 Health Issues to Know About Your Pet

If you are a pet lover and you care for your pet, then you should have an ability to identify these 8 health issues. There should enough evidence that your pet is suffering from health issues. Sometimes this dilemma can cost you more. Sometimes the same dilemma saves you little less. However, you need to take a quick and appropriate decision, which is good for your pet.

There are few people in the world who will leave their pet to die. Few will throw them out as soon as they realize the cost of treatment is more. Nevertheless, this article is for those who really want to save their pets. The affection and love towards your pet are bigger than the money you spend.  These 8 Health Issues to Know About Your Pet Should Help.

Is it better to call the vet or wait for any improvement?

In this article, we will discuss these things. You might already know some of them. Some of them are alien to you. It is important that you understand your pet. Observe it daily. Its behavior is key in such cases. Let us roll the dice and get started with the 8 ways to know your pet and its problems.

Change in its behavior

It is the simplest and best way. If your pet is behaving strangely then this is a sign. Suppose your dog generally wakes up early and bark. However, today it did not do any such thing. This is an indication. It may not be one hundred percent correct but it may be true. How?  Your dog might be sick or someone else has taken it for a walk early morning. But it is better to look into it.

Diarrhea and vomiting

These are common symptoms and straight indications. Generally, diarrhea because of bad food or water. Sometimes because of a virus in the water. It is not necessarily that the pet food is responsible. Your pet might have eaten something from outside. However it may be it is always best to go to the vet for a check up. They will tell you what to do. Just by giving a small dose of antibiotics your pet could shake this off.


A seizure is generally a major symptom of respiratory and infection problem. In few pets, it is continuous. In few pets, it is periodic. Take the literal meaning, not the scientific meaning. The seizure will create a lot of pain. So you can easily guess that the health of your pet is not good.  Idiopathic epilepsy is the prime reason for seizures in a dog. By giving proper treatment it can be cured. The disease also brings liver disease to the dogs because of toxic materials sometimes even medication side effects.

Laziness and lack of activity

Understanding Laziness is not easy. As it takes a bit of time before it comes aloud to you. This indication is a sign as there is a change in your pet’s activity level. Do not get confused with behavior and laziness. Both are very different. Lack of activity is a temporary health issue. Too much of Aggression is also change in behavior. Which may relate to madness. As a pet owner, you should keep this in mind.

Labored breathing

Identification is easy. It is just a matter of time. The change in breathing is easy to notice. The major kind of problem in dogs and cats. Labored breathing is lung related disease. It is better to take precaution, as it may be contagious.

Urinating improperly

Some studies clearly said that this is a major problem. It is a clear indication of kidney problem. Possible diabetes as well. It is again easy to find. If your pet is urinating with increased urination. In this case, you need to take your pet to a vet. Who will do some lab tests before giving the final treatment. There is a chance that it cost you a lot.

Skin disease and Hair Loss

Almost all animals have these diseases. Hair loss and skin diseases are complementary in cats. Fleas, mites, insects, and maggots have a vital role in itchy skin. Because of the larva of insects, pets catch such infections. Cure is simple if it is not a serious problem. Similarly, hair loss starts right after itchiness on the skin. These pets go through tough times in such a situation. A good vet can cure these problems.

Loss of appetite

It is another very common problem in almost all pets. It is a clear indication. If your pet is not eating its food then it is an indication your pet is not well. It is because their digestive system is upset. There is a possibility of some major disease as well, like cancer. Give your pet something else to eat when you see such behavior. If it still rejects to eat it then there is a problem. You need to take it to the vet.

To conclude it is safe to say that the owners can sense health issues in their pet. By doing so you will save the pets life, even if it’s a hamster.  The affection and love between you will multiply exponentially. It is not easy but not tough as well. On an average, a pet owner will spend around 2000 dollars pet treatment in his life.

For the exact reason, you should know these 8 things. These are not the ultimate 8 ways. But common 8 Health Issues to Know About Your Pet

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6 Ways to get rid of Dog Fever

6 Ways to get rid of Dog Fever

Is your dog showing any abnormal signs?  If yes, then your dog is most likely experiencing a fever, these 6 Ways to get rid of Dog Fever may help.

Fever in dogs can be as a result of a host of internal or external factors. Some of these factors include infected bites or cuts, ear infection, infected tooth, urinary tract infection (UTI), toxic plants, human medications and human foods unsafe for dog consumption.

Though the cause of Fever or Pyrexia is not always obvious, it occurs as a sign of the ingestion of toxic substances like plants. Sometimes, it is the immune system’s response to the threat of a bacterial or viral disease. Fever can also occur as a side effect of administered vaccination or medication.

Fever can sometimes be beneficial reducing the ability of the bacteria or virus to reproduce whilst strengthening the immune system.  Even so, any prolonged and high fever levels (anything above 103o F) in dogs should not be and prompt measures should be taken to lower it as soon as possible.

How can you check your dog’s Temperature?

Taking your dog’s temperature may not be something you look forward to, but believe me neither is dealing with dog fever.  When you suspect a fever and catch it early, you may help save your pets life.

In reading your pet’s temperature, it is important to note that dogs have a higher regular body temperature than ours. While normal human body temperature is between 97.6oF and 99.6o F, dogs have a normal body temperature between 100oF and 102.5oF.

Assessing your dog’s temperature is achievable only with the use of either a digital or rectal thermometer. While rectal thermometers are more intrusive and uncomfortable, digital thermometers for pets are more comfortable and can give readings in as little as 60 seconds.

Digital thermometers are less intrusive and included in most first aid boxes.

If you are using a rectal thermometer however, you have to lubricate it with baby oil or petroleum jelly first, then insert into your dog’s anus or rectum no deeper than an inch and remove as soon as you get a reading.

Once it is established that your dog is having a fever, your next line of action, should be to lower it and seek medical attention. Temperatures above 106oF in dogs can cause irreparable organ malfunction or damage and, death.

Lowering your dog’s body temperature is the first step to treating the underlying cause or infection. Where medical help is not immediately available, we have compiled a list of things you can do to control your pet’s fever.

It is important to never administer human medication on your dog and to always seek medical advice as often as possible.  Below are 6 Ways to get rid of Dog Fever.


  1. Keep your dog well hydrated

As in human beings, fever can lead to severe dehydration. Ensure your pet has access to and takes a lot of water. Keep the water bowl near, clean and filled with good water at all times. Continually monitor the temperature and reduce the amount of water intake, once you notice a reduction.


  1. Lukewarm Baths

Give your dog a lukewarm bath for no longer than 2 minutes. This should help to control the fever and bring the body temperature down to the normal range. Please note that any bath longer than 2 minutes will do the exact opposite and increase body temperature.


  1. Damp Towel or wash cloth patting

Wrapping your dog in a damp large towel is also another ways to lower your pet’s body temperature. If you can’t get a large towel, a damp wash cloth to pat the underside of your dog’s paws, abdomen and back of the ears will also do the trick.

  1. Medication and Vitamin supplements

Fever is a sign that your dog’s immune system is fighting hard to eliminate harmful bacterial or viral infections. Drugs like vitamin C and E can boost your dog’s immune system, strengthening them to better fight diseases and thus reducing fever. However, it is strongly advised that you consult your veterinarian before administering any form of medication.


  1. Nutritious Home-made dog soup

Chicken soup rich in nutrients and high in calories is usually a good source of supplements for dogs. It is also another means to boost your dog’s immune system, increase appetite and keep your already weak pet hydrated. Add a clove of garlic and Echinacea and you have the perfect healing potion is one ways to get rid of Dog Fever

  1. The Ice treatment

Offer your dog ice shavings to lick or suck on and turn up the heat. This is another way of keeping your dog hydrated. However, you do not want your dog exposed to wet conditions for too long as this can lead to a cold.


The 6 Ways to get rid of Dog Fever listed above are first aid measures in managing your dog’s fever; where medical attention is available, we advise that you take advantage of that. It is vital as well, that you on no condition should you give treat your dog with human medication. This can lead to life threatening situations such as organ failure or immediate death.


If your dog’s fever persists longer than 24 – 36 hours, please seek immediate medical attention. Another read Man’s Favorite Pet is available.

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Man’s favorite pet | Keeping yourself and your dog healthy

There is no doubt that a dog is man’s favorite pet. Dogs are a symbol for honesty, integrity and fun. These animals are accepted and considered as pets in almost all parts of the world. However, their domestication roots ranges from all areas of service down to simple household domestication.  Regardless Dogs are man’s best friend and part of the family.  If your new at wanting a Dog for a pet, A Guide To Your Next Best Friend: How To Select And Buy Your First or Next Dog or Puppy is a great place to start.


Healthy dog, healthy owner,

Keeping your pet Dog  healthy in turn will keep you healthy

Owing a Dog will help you stay active. The research by the American Journal of Public Health found this to be a fact. Dogs love to run and walk and it’s their primary means of play that keep their owner’s active.  Regular walks and frequent exercise can be enjoyed in almost any park, beach or even a hike in the mountains.  If you love the outdoors, chances are your dog will too.

Be sure to always keep stock of your Dog Supplies as you can never be short of toys to play with!  From Balls to Pools for those hot days, dogs are active and so you will be too!

Owning a dog lowers blood pressure and stress.  Many studies have shown that having a dog in the household reduces stress and anxiety among their owners.  As Dogs tend to absorb negative energy and diffuse it’s effects on their surrounding humans.

Owners with Dogs laugh more and they definitely will give you a great laughs at times. Laughter is the best medicine to cure depression and work pressure. The dogs can make you laugh just by observing their behaviors and personality.  Many say that most owners resemble their dogs, and in a way it’s true.

Most Popular Breeds

There are many breeds of dogs, which can be taken as pets. Few are short, few are furry, and few are big and fluffy. Whatever the breed, every dog has a home in someone’s heart.

The Secret Life of Pets Always check with your local shelter, as I’m certain you will find your life companion there before looking at a breeder.  When sourcing a breeder, make certain they are not a puppy mill or over breed for the sake of money vs. caring for life itself.

Most popular dog breeds among pet owners


My Pet Dog Bestwaytohealth.comAn extremely intelligent, family-friendly dog, the Labrador Retriever continues to be the most popular breed in the United States. This versatile hunting breed comes in three colors: yellow, black and chocolate. Because of their desire to please their master they excel as guide dogs for the blind, and are a welcome part of search and rescue teams and used in narcotics detection with law enforcement.



My Pet Dog Bestwaytohealth.comGenerally considered the finest all-purpose workers, German Shepherd Dogs are large, agile, muscular dogs of noble spirit and high intelligence. They are deep chested, solid dogs, and move very quickly with great speed.  The German Shepherd’s natural gait is a free, easy trot. But when duty calls they can turn it up and reach great velocity. Standing as high as 26 inches at the shoulder and built like a brick house, the German Shepherd Dog when viewed in outline presents a picture of smooth, graceful curves rather than angles and is easily recognizable.


My Pet Dog Bestwaytohealth.comKnown for their loose-jointed, and progressive gait with their massive, short-faced head, the Bulldog is known to be a dignified breed. A medium-sized dog but not your typical lap dog, but would like to be! They are one of the most popular breeds due to their lovable and gentle dispositions and adorable wrinkles. The Bulldog may be brindle, white, red, fawn, fallow or piebald.



My Pet Dog Bestwaytohealth.comA very good option for new family and children, and not only are Beagles excellent hunting dogs and loyal companions, they are also happy, funny, and thanks to their pleading expression, cute. They were bred to hunt in packs so they enjoy the company of other dogs and of people as well. Beagles love to follow their noses, which can sometimes get them into sticky situations. These dogs are fairly easy to care for, but they do need to run around and let off steam.  Another reason to get a beagle.  It’s about staying healthy right?



My Pet Dog Bestwaytohealth.comThough often equated to the beauty with no brains, they are exceptionally smart, active and excel in obedience training. The breed comes in three size varieties, which may contribute to why Poodle is one of the most popular breeds. Poodles can be a variety of solid colors, including white, black, apricot and gray.




Bella The Pit Mix on InstagramPlayful and clownish, BELLA the PIT MIX is best described as a three-year-old child in a dog suit. Given her muscular build, she can appear unapproachable, but she is an exceedingly friendly dog, with a sweet and fun-loving disposition and popular in the obedience, agility and a master with her ball.


Common health issues of a dog as a pet


Like many animals, Dogs have many issues with their health. There is a need to provide of proper care and understanding some of the most common issues is vital for your mutual health.  A great guide for Dog Health: How to prevent the 20 most common health problems of your dog  will help with many worries.


This is the common problem in lot of dogs, and it can get very severe over a short period


A parasite that creates a lot of problem for a dog and can be fatal over time if not caught early.


This is not common but can have a lot of impact on owner’s pocket, as the cure is costly.


A common bad food issue or contaminated water leads to this problem.


A major problem, which will eventually cause your pet to go blind. It is very painful for the pet considering they depend on vision for their skills.


Common problem and will make your dog suffer


Again a common problem and can be cured very easily


Funny but true, some of the dogs suffer from this problem.

My Pet Hamster

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My Pet Hamster and ways I keep it Healthy

A hamster is one of the cutest pets out there. They are small and fast, look foolish, and they act foolishly. They are not rats. These are very popular among children. They belong to the rodent family. Some are fluffy, and some are fat. Some are neat, and some are hairy. They are available in different breeds and different colors.


Types of Hamster and their health issues
Roborovski Hamster

These can live as long as three years. They live in a pair or in a family. They are very small but very fast. When it comes to health, they are strong. Roborovski hamsters are nocturnal so they usually wake at dusk and are active at night. They are generally gentle and rarely nip but they are very fast and agile which makes handling them difficult.




My Pet Hamster
Chinese Hamster

The most famous hamsters. Very cute and small. Can grow up to four to five inches. They can live up to three and half years. Chinese hamsters are lively and agile and they enjoy activities such as climbing, running, and jumping. Wash your hands before you pick up your hamster and use cupped hands to do it.




My Pet Hamster
Syrian Hamster

Syrian hamsters are large. They are husky and cute. They can grow up to seven inches. They like to live a lonely life.  It will spend the majority of its time alone and sleeping underground in its burrow or even scrambling from one living chamber to the next through its network of subterranean tunnels.




My Pet Hamster
Winter White Hamster

It is a Siberian hamster. Small in size but white in color with grayish marks. Can live up to three years. They can grow up to four inches. You can only get a Winter White Hamster from an accredited breeder that can provide you with a pedigree certificate and a history of the hamster’s lineage.




My Pet Hamster
Campbell’s Hamster

Also famous as dwarf hamsters. These are very cute and can grow up to five inches. Lifespan up to three years.  Campbell’s Hamsters have an average life span of 18 – 24 months in captivity. They become sexually mature at only five weeks and their litters usually contain around four to six pups, which are born after a gestation period of two to three weeks.




Ways to keep your hamster healthy and fit

Pico Translucent Teal – Hamsters & Small Animal Home/Cage

Important thing is to have a proper cage. Then find a perfect spot to keep the hamster in it. The cage should be out of reach of drafts. As these are tiny animals in the cage make sure you look after them. Change their position according to the climate. Know your hamster because hamsters behave differently in a different climate. So move them if the temperature is too cold or hot. Give them proper bedding and proper nesting material. If the hamster is inactive, then consider it is moving to new place. If the condition continues then take it for the checkup.


Hamsters have good appetite so allow them to eat. Feed them with good food. Overfeeding is not recommended because they generally stay in the cage. Sunflower seeds are their favorite. That does not mean they only eat sunflower seeds. Give them a balanced diet.

Wild Harvest WH-83543 Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Hamsters


Dental Hygiene

Hamster’s teeth grow as fingernails. It’s important to keep an eye on its behavior. They take care of their teeth themselves by chewing on hard materials. Most foods like the one above contain abrasive grains to help with their dental hygiene. If your pet is not eating then, this could be a problem. Take it to a veterinary clinic.

Workout Routines

Exercise is very important to the hamsters because they are in a cage. Because of this, they might face health problems like digestion and laziness, make them run on a wheel.  Make them hang onto a stick. Make them jump to catch food. Do any possible things to make the hamster work for it.  No free loading allowed.

Kaytee Puzzle Playground for Small Animals

Clean Water

Some hamsters are said to be allergic to chlorinated tap water. Make sure that your hamster is not one of them. Even if it does not still give them filtered water. By this way, they will be free from stomach diseases and throat problem as well.

Wet Tail HamsterWet Tail  (most common disease)

The most common disease among hamster family is Wet Tail. Campylobacter jejuni is the virus responsible for the disease. Here hamsters suffer from wetness around their tail. This also effects to diarrhea, weakness, and loss of appetite. In such cases, take the hamster to the veterinarian. Even there are instances of sudden death. So keep a regular check on their tail.  Even though wet tail can be cured by antibiotics. Hamsters are allergic to some of them because of toxicity. So be careful before giving any antibiotics.

Hamster AbcessesAbscesses ( not as common )

Abscesses are a skin disease formed because of minor cuts on hamster’s skin. Then pus accumulates causing a pocket of bad blood. Make sure that the hamster is on the soft ground away from sharp materials. It might create a lot of pain and pus may leak out of the skin. Take to pet to a veterinarian as soon as you notice it. By removing all the pus and giving antibiotics will heal the hamster if it’s not too late.


Hamster Red Eye

Red Eye

This is the indication that your hamster is facing some problem. It may be a drop in room temperature, virus or eye disorder. It is better to take your pet to a veterinarian before things go out of control.  A hamster can have red eyes for genetic reasons or because of eye irritation, infection or disease. … If normally dark eyes become red it could be due to “pinkeye” or conjunctivitis, irritation from fighting, scratching, smoke or other causes.


Respiratory Concerns

Because of virus and infection, hamsters might face infection in the respiratory system. Which may contribute to pneumonia. Then hamsters will face problems like weakness, loss in apatite, laziness, and eye infection.


Most common problem and easy to cure. This problem is very messy. Need repeated cleaning of the cage. It may occur because of water, food or any substance e consumed which has chemicals in it.

Hamster Parties

One hamster is good, but two or more is a bit of risk. Hamsters may fight for a number of reasons. So it is better to have one hamster in one cage. Or at the either end of the bar.  They are especially territorial when it comes to their mate.  So I suggest if you like it, put a ring on it.  So check for that Bling and avoid any embarrassing altercations.  Hamsters are very small with thin skin. We need to give proper attention. They are children’s favorite pet just because they act foolishly at times. It is fun to spend time with them when they are in the mood to play.

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