Fitness Mindset Prolonging the Rhythm

Fitness Mindset Prolonging the Rhythm

Fitness Mindset is as important to long term health, as studies over and over have shown. Significant result in prolonging your Rhythm of Life added to your Lifestyle is not easy for many.  We all heard that fitness is the key, well I hate to break the news to you, it is not the key.  It is one key in a house full of doors, attics and even a cellar.

A fitness mindset is nothing more than being in a constant state of mind about making better choices than yesterday.  Each day will bring you a quantum result over time and as you experience results and just by pushing yourself a bit more each day your life transformation begins.  You can apply this thinking to any area of life.

Entering a Fitness Mindset

Achieving a balance does not mean being happy with where you are or even where you will end up.  It means setting a standard goal and motivating yourself to get to your happy place.  Each milestone is a place for celebration and setting the next a bit harder than the last.  Whatever you set your mind too, once you mastered the basics, each milestone will become easier and easier.

Many of us have, if not all of us have, a daily routine.  For some, what works is to set that routine and push each day to stick to it.   For others, is to create the routine in flow with what we’re used to.  Some want results right away where others are ok with results for the long run.  Whichever you choose be sure you choose what is right for you.  That is the only way success is accomplished.

With this said, in any event.  Struggles will be present, hardships, life’s way of saying “Surprise!” always come along.  It seems as the years go by quicker, life blinks and…it’s gone.  A common symptom,  what’s the cause?

We never call it a fitness mindset at first, it took some time develop a system that worked. However, thru the Struggles, the recipe is simple to follow, in fact, anyone can. A fitness mindset is just a small part of  maintaining a fitness lifestyle. It is balance with yourself and understanding of who is in control.

What we Learned

Changing the Routines

Any changes to what you or your body is accustomed too will be met with rejection.  Learn to overcome the rejection and simply place the foundation of mind control over body.  However, always set goals that are within reach and never too extreme.  The easier the climb the faster you will get there.

Routines Become Habit

Always try to find ways to make your routines to become your habits, without even thinking about it, systematically it happens.  Developing new habits is easiest by mixing them up with existing habits. First thing in the morning just before we begin the coffee, add the routine of drinking one full cold glass of water before every cup.  Soon you will be drinking more water.

Add walking to the local store with a comfortable bag as routine for basic day to day groceries vs. going to a warehouse and buying enough for two weeks all at once with the SUV.  Pretty soon you will be walking more.  Either way by adding little changes, your fitness mindset is just a mindset that helps you balance a healthier lifestyle.

Find the areas in your life that you want to change, slowly begin to develop the mindset or goal you want. Make the right routines stick that turn into habits in your life’s journey.  Simple day to day, better than yesterday mentality.

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