Hair Loss 5 Leading Causes Explained

Hair Loss 5 Leading Causes Explained

Hair Loss is becoming more common among the world’s population.  Noticeably in higher developed countries one can see the patterns.  As a fact, we shed about 100 strands of hair each and every day.  However, it’s not about how much we shed, it’s about how many hairs grow back, and how thick they grow back.  Losing your hair should become a concern if you notice a change from what is normal to you.

Stress on Hair Loss

Stress weather we want it or not stays in our bodies as long as three months in most cases, so if you experience a sudden, rapid change in hair loss, you may want to consider your environment for the last three months.  Huge contributors to stress can be a divorce, an upcoming surgery, a new job, or even childbirth.  All these things can add unnecessary stress.   Stress can come from a myriad of circumstances, however keep in mind that subconsciously we can be on the redline and not even know it, but your hair will show it.

Excessive Grooming on Hair Loss

Over processing anything has ill effects, considering our foods.  So why overprocess the daily ritual of grooming and expect a different result?  Hair Dryers, Color Changes and Enhancements, Hot Irons, Curling all damage the hair by changing its natural state.  I am not implying to ignore your grooming habits but simple changes can lead to healthier hair. Over styling is also a major no-no. Ponytails, braids and extensions damage hair follicles over time if you continuously wear the same style.  A simple tight hair style won’t harm your hair, but as the years go by you could develop irreversible hair loss.

Genetics on Hair Loss

Yes!  Now we can blame our ancestors for our thinning hair.  Genetics and Genetic Research evolved immensely over the past few decades, so why isn’t there a genetic cure for hair loss?  Over 80 million people are expected to be affected by increased hair loss by age fifty.  Hereditary hair loss usually involves a receding hairline for women and crown hair loss in men.  There are many over the counter remedies for thinning hair however, if genetics play their role, it would be a continued expense on the budget to keep your locks.

Illnesses on Hair Loss

Health conditions in our bodies affects the entire hair growth process.  Not just the stress, but autoimmune disease makes our bodies attack the healthy cells in our skin and scalp needed for hair growth.  Also known is the rise in DHT – dihydrotestosterone levels that can also result in hair loss.  Hormonal imbalances lead to many disruptions in our bodies and hair loss is another.  There are prescription medications such as cannabis and others one can ask from a Doctor to help with treating these imbalances. Treatments for arthritis, depression and high blood pressure may cause hair to fall out.

What You Eat on Hair Loss

We all know that our diet affects our entire being.  We are filters feeding off the planet everyday just by breathing.  It’s important to filter out the bad and reap the good when it comes to nourishing our bodies.  Excessive alcohol use, cigarettes and even high caffeine intake affects hair growth.  When our bodies lack the vital nutrients needed to grow and perform, the first signs are usually visible ones.  Dry skin and scalp, dandruff are all signs of missing the key nutrients needed to restore and balance your scalp for optimum hair growth.  After all, a healthy life is a balanced life.  Proteins and Iron are both essential for hair growth however, deficiencies in zinc, fatty acids, biotin, and antioxidants deters hair growth.  Consuming proteins, grains, and iron rich vegetables are a great way to counteract hair loss.

Fitness Mindset Prolonging the Rhythm

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