Jason V Chapman Staying True Within The Music

Jason V Chapman is staying true with a life filled with great music and family. Chapman is a father to a son, Andy 10 and a daughter, Ella 19 months (each one a miracle), husband, vocalist, composer, and musician. His first single is God Is Watching You (Andy’s Song) dedicated to his young son. When he met his wife he would drive 100 miles from San Antonio in the Houston direction. She would do the same from Houston. They would meet at a Shell Station that is exactly 100 miles between the two cities. He uses this gas station in his song Couple Hundred Miles. His music is a nice feel of past country with a nice modern addition.

Jason V Chapman Changing Lives

Chapman states, “I want to reach into someone’s life and touch their lives. I love sharing the gifts God gave me.” He is looking to create a new genre of music within country music.” He is a composer that puts the song together by ear. He knows the transitions he is looking for and the sound he wants with each song. He began writing music at age 10. His single Outlaw represents his vision of the outlaw running through the canyon getting away from the law. A storyteller in his music makes him relatable and personal. He opens up his music to life. This brings the old country storytelling style similar to Johnny Cash, but his sound is a modern country.
Jason V. Chapman

New Release : Outlaw Wanted Dead or Alive Jason V Chapman

Doug Deforest, his producer, teams well with Chapman. He is able to carry the vision to full production. They work well together and he allows Deforest to take the lead in some areas of the songwriting process. This collaboration works well with each team members strength and weakness. Chapman has a huge sense of timing and vision for his songs. Deforest provides the technical and production strength to carry out each song’s vision. This is a strong collaborating team.
Chapman grew up as a military brat. His favorite childhood movie, Rambo. He recalls as a child in Germany hiding in the wood covered with leaves waiting for his friend to pass by. He would jump out of the leaves with the latest Rambo toy gun ready to take him down. He enjoyed boy scouts for a short period but when he was caught with his burning car he did not return to scouts. He really enjoyed reading. One of his favorite books was, It by Stephen King. He played the trombone in the marching band.

Life with Jason V Chapman

Today life is busy, he is a full-time employee as a field rep for a molding company. He gets his physical exercise from his day job by lifting thousands of pounds of molding each day. This keeps him fit. His family enjoys healthy eating from fresh vegetables to great Texas meat. He is still trying to find the balance in life. When asked that question his response is, “There is balance in life?” He went on to further explain that God is a big part of how he manages and makes it through each day.
The one thing he does to make each day successful is to stay away from political posts on social media. He says, “I am a very conservative person and find that the discussion sometimes gets heated in a negative way.” He does try to keep the comments more positive than negative.
Chapman has many influences from music. He chooses them because they are all doing their own things and staying true to themselves. Some of his favorite musicians are:
  • Big and Rich, Big Kenny and John Rich able to bring country music added strong rhythms and music leads from rock n roll and rap taking influence from Cowboy Troy.
  • Barry Manilow grew up listening to his songs. One that hit him hard and assisted through some tough times in life is just I made it through the rain.
  • Josh Groban he is full of energy uses the whole stage he is so unique they had to create a genre of music just for him.
  • Josh Turner love his voice. He has great range with his singing voice. He does not use a lot of vocal processing when he records.
Jason V Chapman

Jason V Chapman

He has accomplished broadcasting on American Bandstand’s radio music hour, “The Grand Tour” broadcast out of Nashville, TN, featured on Texas Pride Radio, and hand-picked for broadcast by the legendary Gaylon King, a TX CMA hall of fame radio DJ. in his first year as a pro this artist began being played on radio on over 5k stations worldwide.
He stays true to himself. His son has spent a lot of time with him at performances. He loves venues and events that present a real positive family and community events. He keeps his music and performance centered on his goal and values.

Upcoming events:

4/28/2018 Arts Festival and Parade 2620 Commercial Center BLVD Fort Bend TX 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

7/14/2018 Central Green Park 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Katy, TX 7:30 PM

Regularly performs at

Yellow Prairie Emporium 8137 Co Rd 315, Caldwell (Chriesman), TX

Ebertfest 2018 #Timesup – #Metoo

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