Live Superfoods

Live Superfoods ~ Purveyor of raw, organic, vegan foods.

In addition to their own Live Superfoods brand, they offer complementary foods, whole food supplements and personal care products from their industry’s finest suppliers ideally, nutrition in its Purest Form.

As we’re sure you already know, most of our country’s food is grown using toxic chemicals, processed at high temperatures, irradiated or pasteurized to make sure no living organisms survive, and then “fortified” with ingredients that most of us can’t pronounce. In the process, much of the nutrients and enzymes that our bodies crave are lost, or at least severely compromised.

They’re here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Their goal is to provide our customers with a great selection of pure, unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods.

“Nutrition in its Purest Form” is something they take very seriously.

Live Superfoods is Organic

Their company owns and operates a USDA-certified organic packaging facility in Bend Oregon. They purchase raw ingredients which they package in consumer-size packages and sell directly to the public. They pride themselves on having a very rapid inventory turnover, which ensures that their customers receive the freshest possible products. Their organic products are certified by Oregon Tilth.

Live Superfoods is Raw

They start with the purest ingredients from 5 continents. Their ingredients come from farmers and processors, who all share their contempt for processed foods and have made the investment in, and commitment to, low temperature drying processes. The results is nutrient-dense foods with their enzymatic life force intact.

Live Superfoods is Kosher

All of their Live Superfoods products are kosher certified. Even if your diet isn’t Kosher, you may still appreciate that their foods, facility and processes have undergone the scrutiny of kosher inspectors. Their kosher products are certified by Earth Kosher.

Live Superfoods is Vegan and Gluten Free

No animal flesh or fats are used in the production of their products.

All Live Superfoods products are gluten-free and many of their third party products are too.

Live Superfoods is Wild Harvested

Several of the products they offer are wild harvested from the Amazon jungle basin. These products are not USDA certified organic, but the importers provide them with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from a third-party testing facility which tests for herbicides, pesticides, e coli, salmonella and other contaminants.

Live Superfoods is Eco-Friendly

100% of their shipping cartons and packaging materials are eco-friendly. They start with recyclable cartons that they assemble using recyclable paper tape. They’ve replaced bubble wrap with corrugated cardboarding fluting and fill the void with kraft paper and biodegradable starch peanuts. They also reuse their suppliers’ cartons and packaging materials to further reduce waste and encourage them to join their eco-friendly initiative.

Why Choose Superfoods?

Superfoods promote a balanced nutrient intake for good health and increases the range of nutrients our diets need rather than focusing solely on a handful of foods for good health.  This is why it is important and should be a rule to daily consume a variety of fresh foods while also supplementing the day with a super food smoothie of choice.

Superfoods really do deliver when it comes to having super powers, including making you feel and look your best.

What’s your favorite? Banana Strawberry or Banana Kiwi Smoothie?

Superfoods can improve your brain in various ways, such as by improving your concentration and enhancing your memory such as Antioxidants can be healthy for the brain because they change how neurons communicate. This can prevent damage to them and also boost cognition as well as motor control.

Another brain superfood is Pumpkin seeds. A handful of them, sprinkled over your cereal or yogurt, is enough to provide you with your recommended daily allowance of zinc. This mineral helps to improve your thinking skills and boost memory. A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that women who took a probiotic pill lost more weight than those who didn’t. The authors of the study believe this result was due to how probiotics make the intestinal walls less permeable.

Did You Know?

Store-bought smoothies are often loaded with sugar and excess calories. You can blend your own smoothies using healthy ingredients like fruit, spinach, and substitute dairy milk with either Coconut or Almond.  Try blending your smoothies with water or even coconut water instead of fruit juice to cut back on sugar.

Just know that having a smoothie for breakfast doesn’t mean you can  just eat chips and cake for the rest of the day.  Healthy choices at one point in the day don’t cancel out the effects of salt, sugar and saturated fats in less healthy choices you have at other times – the idea is that they replace these foods or leave less room in the diet for them. Including fruit and veggies in our diets throughout the day means there is more chance of that happening.

We all need to eat more fruit and veg, and a meal replaced by a smoothie is one way to help you towards that, but it’s not the only thing to think about when it comes to eating well.  We also need to eat high fiber and wholegrain carbohydrates, as well as some beans, pulses, fish, eggs, lean meat  and other protein foods, as well as low fat dairy products and small amounts of healthier, unsaturated fats.

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