muscle maintenance with Weights

Muscle Maintenance With Weights

We all know that with exercise and proper muscle maintenance we can all live a longer and more productive lifestyle. When it comes to routine bodily movements, nothing makes them easier than exercising regularly. Along with aging comes muscle loss, so it is important that we maintain a proper weight to muscle ratio and keep fat to a minimum. The loss of muscle leads to weakness and when combined with unnecessary weight gain along with a sedentary lifestyle, is when we begin to see contributing issues.

At a more advanced age, is when osteoporosis or weakness in our bodies begins to creep in, we then have a greater risk to falls and this can also lead to the eventual inability to walk without the assistance of a walker or a wheelchair. While it is impossible to stop muscle loss with aging, muscle maintenance can increase muscle size and strength in people of all ages.

Weight training does not imply you need to change your lifestyle, or think that by training with weights you will begin to look like the typical muscle builders we see, like the incredible hulk. On the contrary, regular lifting of weight in a controlled setting can maintain the muscle mass we loose with aging and therefore keep a healthy appearance and strength as we age. The benefits we gain only increases as we get older. Strength training also promotes to build bone and muscle maintenance which are the two primary things our bodies gradually lose with age.

Don’t think that muscle maintenance is only for the young and fit

Lifting weights to maintain muscle a few times a week is a powerfully beneficial lifestyle change. This is a form of exercise for everyone no matter your age, physical fitness level or medical condition, including those with back pain, arthritis, a previous heart attack, stroke or other neurological problems.

Take a portion of your day and dedicate it to you and your body. No matter your level of fitness, simple weights is a great place to start, and this will avoid the costly ongoing expense of a health club membership.

Another important step is to get connected with a nutrition based and informative website on the internet that for free can give you motivation and most importantly information to build a satisfying workout routine. No need to invest huge amounts of money when the internet has so much information available to you at no charge. Light weight training does not require the supervision of any professional. Your body will tell you if you’re doing too much or too little.

Keeping in mind that just because you added muscle maintenance physical activity it does not mean you can now double up on your eating habits. On the contrary, maintain your current habits and you will see maintenance of your body instead of weight gain. However if you just simply change to a healthier eating habit along with the increase in physical activity little by little this will help you burn those unwanted or unneeded calories and decrease muscle loss.  Read more about the 7 Healthy Tips for losing weight as your body becomes accustomed to the weights you are lifting you may then want to consider increasing the weight gradually without increasing frequency in your workout routines.

This in turn will slowly build more muscle and you will begin to see more tone in your body as the fat slowly burns away by feeding the muscle what it needs to grow and allow your body to process the fat you have without adding additional fat to your system.

Training for muscle maintenance in proper form.

It is very important to consult your personal trainer or online site of preference and get the information you need. If you don’t feel you can get this information online you may want to consider hiring a professional trainer or consult with your physician as to the proper routine that is best for you. Many trainers offer their professional expertise by advertising in local media ads or the paper. Find one that is local to you.

Weightlifting for muscle maintenance

Many of those who belong to a health club, young and old, tend to lift weights that don’t appear very heavy. Lifting a small amount of weight that hardly taxes you reserves isn’t worth the effort. In practical terms this means choosing weights that are sufficiently heavy that the muscle is virtually exhausted after six to eight repetitions of the exercise. Exercises should involve every muscle group, including those on the arms, legs, back and abdomen. Each exercise should be done in sets applying your Alpha Mind Power during the first set and the tenth repetition should be difficult, during the second set, only eight repetitions should be possible, and the final set, you should only be able to manage five or six.

Exhausting the muscle leads to muscle growth and increased strength. It is hard work, but it’s the only way to build strength needed for optimal fitness. You will be a little sore when you start out. However the soreness goes away and soon you will find that you will fell refreshed and energized and that the effort is well worth the sweat, time and energy involved.

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