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Paris Fashions This City Loves

Paris Fashions This City Loves.  Fashion week in Paris has a chill and snow on the ground.  These fashions have hit the streets and runways with bold new statements and colors.

Paris Fashions France

Street Fashion Paris Fashion Week AW18

Autumn and winter is a favorite time of year for fashion. The beautiful colors and layers allowing for more personal fashion styling. The streets of Paris are filled with fashionistas from all over the world. They bring their own personal style to top designer fashion. Daniel Chimowitz captures a few as he rushes from one fashion event to the next. They are all beautiful and fashion show.

Chimowitz found a great couture fashion show at the Warwick Paris Hotel. Paris fashions event was beautiful fashions and people. A celebration of love to the art of design, fabric, and fashion.

The runways continue to bring the top fashions styles for autumn winter 2018. Balmain, also known as Balmain’s Army, takes the sheer look to the next level.  Olivier Rousteing, Artistic Director, young and intuitive brings sexiness and sleekness to the forefront with sheer pants, blouses, and coats. He brings honor to the founder, Pierre Balmain, he brings the tradition to a real true modern futuristic level. Rousteing is in tune with the younger generation and aware of the power social media plays in today’s world (he has a following of 4.7 million on Instagram).

Issey Miyake brings texture and dimension to the collection perfectly layered for any autumn winter weather.  There is a collection of innovation, creativity, and new fabrics. The texture is created in various uses of feathers, furs, folds, and stitching. The use of new fabrics is really innovative. He uses folds and manipulating the fabrics to add volume to the styling of each look. Yoshiyuki Miyamae, Creative Director, stays true to his reputation with this collection. It is filled with his textures creating a winter full of energy and texture.

Paris Fashions France

Balmain Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018

Yohji Yamamoto’s collection is Homage to a long time friend, Azzedine Alaïa, he passed on in November 2017. Alaïa was an independent couture designer, one of the top designers of the 20th and 21st century.  The collection brings both designers together with the strong presence of black (a signature color for both designers). The styling brings a fine the line of life and death.  The clothing presents a definition of strong powerful lines with the abstract use of the cuts, exceptional tailoring, and fabrics. The end results you can question if this Paris collection brought Yamamoto a great sense of his lifelong friend’s presence and love even after death.

Paris fashions is at the top of the list. They continue to bring fashions that is innovative, textured, art-filled, and beautiful. The City That Loves Fashion is the world’s most visited capital. Paris Fashions is proud of its many monuments from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the lofty Notre-Dame cathedral and the majestic Arc de Triomphe. No doubt this is Europe’s most enchanting capital.

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