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Yvette Fintland As The Ice Melts

Yvette Fintland, model, actress, producer, and writer takes on her goals with energy, fun, and ambition. She’s a fiery Capricorn that is melting away each goal she sets with vision, determination, and connectivity.

Yvette grew up in Florida with ties to New York City.  She enjoyed swimming, diving, biking, windsurfing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, and many other sports in high school. This provided her with a college scholarship. Sporting provided her with the ability to be agreeable and conscientious. Completing college, she turned to modeling with an agency in Orlando, Florida.

Yvette Fintland Actress Director #SFWLA

Yvette Fintland – Design by: Antonella Commateo at Style Fashion Week Los Angeles, California

This opportunity not only led to great modeling, however acting and pageant opportunities shortly followed. Her acting expanded her interest in producing and directing films.

Yvette Fintland Melting the Ice

Fintland states,

A typical day of filming varies on the type of project. The hours also depend on the project as well as the production company handling the project. To give you an idea of a typical workday on set, I would have to say dealing with 8 – 10 hours of filming with just a few breaks, but can sometimes be much longer.” – Yvette Fintland

She took the time to learn about every department by working with some of the best in the entertainment industry.  Honing her talent opened the way for producing and directing music videos, commercials, and television shows. Building the confidence from this work Yvette Fintland takes on writing as an addition to her resume. She is currently working on a horror film based on suspense, drama, and true story. Fueling a goal that she will write for television shows from comedy to drama.

Yvette Fintland

Yvette Fintland – Image: Maurice Rinaldi Photography Hollywood, California

She brings her straightforward focus to her writing by not rushing, all the while making sure to apply what she has learned from writing instructors into her scripts. Sticking to the writing rules really helps her stay focused on the story. Her focus allows for her directing human behavior and the story presented.

Yvette Fintland Creating the Talent

She believes that continuing to expand, learn, join programs and organizations devout to her will further develop a director’s career by connecting with like-minded individuals that can collaborate on projects now or in the future.

Yvette Fintland – Image: Martin Gollery Photography, Nevada Jacket Design by: Antonella Commateo

This is her personal experience that has moved her forward through each new challenge and adventure.  Continuing to meet her goals and melt them away one at a time is her strength. She provides advice for those looking to get into the entertainment business by stating;

The best piece of insight advice I can give any young woman looking to work in the entertainment industry is to do their research.  Study your craft and learn the rules of what is expected of you as talent, crew, producer, director or anything else you want to become a part of in the entertainment industry.” – Yvette Fintland

Yvette Fintland Lifestyle

Everyday, Yvette Fintland creates her own personal style and beauty. She starts each day to create a world of success by:

  • Meditating each day for 10-20 minutes
  • Focus on all the good I want for my career
  • Clear my mind of all the clutter
  • Apply positive thoughts to my life
  • Style is a combination of different abilities put together which happens to develop as she gains more experience
  • Her beauty tip is lemon juice with a fine sugar as a scrub for her hands, feet and face.

Yvette brings a world of experience in a well rounded manner that expands her talent, art, and dreams. She is melting away each goal she sets with determination and focus.  An avid planner, her goal system is unlike any we have ever seen.  Vision, Determination, and Connectivity leads to a track record of proven success.  With her uniformity in all she does, she sets out to connect the pieces to her visionary puzzle, as the Big Picture comes to life.

A High Achiever is described unsurprisingly, by a strong motive to achieve. This is where Yvette Fintland sets herself apart. Achievement motivated individuals like herself have a strong desire to accomplish something important, and gain gratification from success in demanding tasks.  She tackles each opportunity and demands growth every step of the way.

Yvette Fintland Actress Director

Yvette Fintland – Image: Martin Gollery Photography, Nevada

A major part of finding “Your Path to a Better You” comes from achieving balance.  Balance is not the center of gravity in life most people think.  The balance point oftentimes requires to be pushed to limits on either end.  The balancing point set for her particular life? We interpret her as wisdom.  Knowledge is crucial in developing a creative mindset.  Having vision is the first step, taking action and seeing it thru is another.  Bringing together the pieces that make up “The Big Picture” comes naturally to her.  Her automatic way of processing is all that needs to happen.

Yvette Fintland Unbridled Optimism

Mood is everything, especially when it comes to accomplishing your goals.  Yvette maintains her high spirited, and sometimes hectic days by maintaining a strong mental state and focuses towards her top priorities.  Her mood is unaffected by keeping her physiology and her energy positive. Her ability to manage moods is partially determined by her identifying weakness and building strength to overcome.  Considering the signs and vibes that Yvette Fintland radiates, her smile, laugh and often comical facial expressions shine with unbridled optimism.

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Yette Fintland Actress DirectorYvette Fintland Actress Director Yvette Fintland Actress DirectorYvette Fintland Actress Director  Yvette Fintland Actress Director


Yvette Fintland, Image Credit Scott Schisler

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